Friday, May 23, 2014

A Little Break from CellCept (MMF)

Monday, went to the Rheumy, expected to be 'okay' - hey YIKES, nope.
Looks like my liver enzyme is elevated.

Rheumy thinks it could be some sort of stubborn infection, as my WBC is elevated too - taking me off CellCept for 5 days so that my 'immune' can 'fight' ... plus antibiotics to karate-kick whatever bug messing around.

OR, it could be that my liver are over-worked from all the meds (esp. CellCept that I am taking)


Please, please don't mess with my liver. I haven't even settled my kidney issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good news though, my albumin is up. Hooray!

My easily-bruised leg!!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

The "Candies" Before Bed ...

As you can see, my daily 'candies' as I call them.
These are the night ones I take before bed. Two powerful purple tablets that suppressed the immune system and the little one with 'heart' is for blood pressure.
I am back on CellCept since two months (or so ago..) - My kidney biopsy results showed that I am now Class 4, I've upgraded from the previous Class 3. I am also a Class 5 holder. Class 5? Now, don't be confused,
Class 1-4 (I-IV) and 6 (VI) are related, means, the higher the no., higher severity.
While, Class 5 (V) its by its own, membranous lupus nephritis.

  • Class I
  • Minimal mesangial lupus nephritis
  • Class II
  • Mesangial proliferative lupus nephritis
  • Class III
  • Focal lupus nephritisa
  • Class IV
  • Diffuse segmental (IV-S) or global (IV-G) lupus nephritisb
  • Class V
  • Membranous lupus nephritisc
  • Class VI
  • Advanced sclerosing lupus nephritis

Treatment wise, I am back on CellCept, rather than the usual "Cyclophosphamide" treatment for LN. I consider myself "lucky" to get on to CellCept again - as it is the less prescribed treatment due to the cost involved. Being in public healthcare, I can only pray and hope to get the best or better alternative.
(Cyclophosphamide is a type of chemo drug, while CellCept is an immunosuppressant)
The problem with Cyclophosphamide is that it can cause infertility - permanent, and possible early menopause. Although doctors did explain that the dosage used now is much lower and infertility is more towards the 'male' gender. I was not convinced and ended up getting all emotional (first round) and was given CellCept instead. I responded well on CellCept, went into remission, got pregnant and during pregnancy, the proteinuria, blood all started leaking from my kidneys - prayed a lot during pregnancy and with the The Power of Prayers ...
.... talah .... I now have Sophia who loves to pull my hair!!!
That's me, with my moonface features.
Thanks to the 30mg of Prednisolone I take, on top of CellCept on a daily basis.
Prednisolone is a type of steroid that suppresses the immune system.
It has many side-effects if taken long term.
I've been on it since 2004!!! YIKESSS!!!!
Side Effects? Me? So far, weak bones, easily bruised and mild cataract!
Sometimes, on high dose - elevated BP and MOONFACE plus a camel hump and sometimes, weird craving for food, like now, I've been eating chocolate non-stop. NOT GOOD!
I must tame my appetite!!
P:S: Thank you to all my wonderful bloggie friends who still visits despite the lack of 'action' from me!! Love you all a lot!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Smelly Butt Butt!!

Time sure flies.
Smelly Butt Butt Sophia turns ONE yesterday!
We had a small birthday party on Sunday - a very last-minute-sort-of-do.
Sophia gets her drumstick & red egg, which is symbolic of good food, throughout her life.
I wish her good health, happiness, love, wealth and everything good in her life.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Renal Biopsy 2.0

BED 24 !!
Year 2010 - Renal Biopsy 1.0
Year 2014 - Renal Biopsy 2.0

Survived my renal biopsy!

Had my renal biopsy late morning yesterday - after much pestering, I am allowed to go home same day, in the evening.

This time, the doc seems to be in a hurry for clinic duties, so, it was a little bit uncomfortable - especially when she was trying to numb the area (injecting very quickly) AND when she took the second sample!!

Ouch ... still having sore back.

Two weeks wait before I get my results ... hopefully they DO NOT lose my precious kidney samples!!!

Did I mention that back in year 2010, I had my biopsy two weeks or so before Chinese New Year?
Looks like it is the same this year! Chinese New Year 2014 falls on 31/1/2014!

Talk about coincident!

P:S:- Thank you bloggie friends for dropping by with encouraging words! Love you lots!!!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Renal Biopsy 2.0

Hospital lunch, photobombed by my urine specimen!
Admitted for renal biopsy tomorrow!
Good luck to me!