Sunday, August 13, 2006

This dog can read and in English! !

Today, on my usual stroll along chatucak / JJ market, there's this amazing performance by a K9 and his owner...

He can read, I mean the dog!

Interesting .... Contributed THB20 for his food! and intelligence!

AND, I got ripped-off! My hard earned THB599!! (through a fortune telling aka tarot card session!!) - aaahhhhh and she didn't even return my 1 baht .... ahhhhh and ahhhhhh she wanted THB3299 more for removal of bad luck, reduced to THB1999 and then THB999 ... no way!

I bought two nice blouses today, the red one cost me THB200 while the green one was THB230! Yeah, I like both very much. I plan to keep the red one for Chinese New Year next year!

And many photos of interesting people at JJ!

Another relaxing Sunday! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh it is now 4.35pm! Time for my afternoon nap!

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