Monday, September 10, 2007

Smallville Season 5 & 6

My darling is an ardent fan of SMALLVILLE. He sort of really into Lana Lang? And now Chloe?

Anyway, we spent our weekend watching Smallville, completed Season 5 on Sunday afternoon, now watching Season 6. Yes, we are both longing to see when SUPERMAN actually started wearing his underwear on the outside. Strange. What was his reasoning about his underwear? Why red and why outside? Hmmm... we shall all find out one day.

I cooked microwaved herbal chicken for dinner. It was good. But to note, next time 15 minutes on 30% power, covered with kitchen cloth, it will taste greeeeeaaaatt ..... it was a little under-cook today. And for vegs. we had stir fried spinach with anchovies!

I just realised something today, UNDERWEAR and not UNDERWARE. Thanks for the spelling check!

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