Tuesday, September 04, 2007

TH (formerly known as Boss-T)

Today TH called, a part of me want to talk to him and be nice, a part me would just want to ignore him, since he was a prick out of my wounded heart!

TH belittled me for over six years, I worked hard but to TH, I am forever and ever a 'clerk'. A stupid accounts clerk, lowest in the hierarchy, everyone stomp on me. Do this, do that ... was I ever appreciated? I guess not..... sad, but what to do, I really do think that me, not being promoted, advanced, was somehow is due to my unattractive, sometimes scary outer appearance (I am always nice, kind, hardworking, in an inner sense).

Do you know that the lazy but sexy SG somehow manage to negotiate for a two months bonus. They basically begged her to stay. Ahhh.... is it her good karma ripening? Ahhhhh.... yes, I am jealous, for the amount of work that SG does, and the pay she is getting ..... justice/fairness is short-sighted. I shouldn't be stressed, I am already out of the company.

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