Saturday, July 12, 2008

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap - Day 2 (Saturday, 12-Jul-2008)

YES! The no. 1 thing not to miss while visiting Siem Reap is ANGKOR WAT or VAT?
For the Angkor adventure, we again, booked a tour (Angkor Discovery) with The Villa Siem Reap, at the cost of USD 17.50 per person ... (new price : USD 20.00). You see, the reason why we are getting the old price is because we booked early! So the early bird gets the worm!
Oh ya, breakfast in the hotel ... well, sux! The buffet spread was only half-ready by the time we got down at 7.30am.... again, we were disappointed!!

A tuk-tuk driver and the guide (I think his name is Taea?) picked us up from our hotel at about 8.30am ... then it was all walking, walking and walking!

First, we headed to get our ANGKOR ARCHAEOLOGICAL (<--- so difficult to spell!) PASS, we bought a ONE DAY PASS at USD 20.00 per person, all passes bears the carrier pictures, so no hanky panky!! THREE DAYS PASS - USD 40.00 and SEVEN DAYS PASS - USD 60.00.

First stop of our tour was Angkor Wat itself. The sights of Angkor Wat is simply breathtaking, surrounded by a moet and exterior walls. Constructed in early to mid 12th century by Suryavarman II, it is Hinduism based. "Angkor" literally means "Capital City" while "Wat" carries the meaning of a temple. OK - that's all I can remember .... :) You can refer to the "Siam Reap Angkor Visitors Guide" for more details! (remember to get a free copy from the hotel, very useful!)
We didn't really get good pictures of Angkor Wat as the backlighting obscures the view... buildings look very dark in most of our pictures! (Try visiting after 2.00pm to get good photos....)

Sights of Angkor Wat

Bullet Holes on Angkor Wat's Walls

Smiling Aspara, with teeth - one and only in Angkor Wat

Next .... Angkor Thom ....

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