Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lazy Day, Siem Reap - Day 3 (Sunday, 13-Jul-2008)

Day 3 - Our lazy day where we go, eat whatever we like, or just sleep it off.....
Breakfast encounter at the Hotel was much better, at least, it was a decent meal.... (look at that yummy pineapple fritter.... and my dragon fruit!)

Later, we walked to the old market, did some last minute shopping.... bought a pair of ruby earring and pendant, for USD 38, regretted it .... I think I have been conned... (still knocking my head on the wall over it ... until today .......)

Around the Old Market..

One thing you must try is the mini-sized pineapples, very sweet, cost 1000 riel each.

Sun-dried cockles .... interesting

We had lunch in a Chinese Restaurant in Old Town, again, we had Stir-fry Cashew Nut Chicken! We also order a plate of Duck Rice. I think this meal cost us about USD 8 or so, lost the receipt!

After lunch, we walked back to the hotel, and snoozed....

Then at about 3.00pm, Tuk-tuk driver, Lucky came to pick us up for WAR MUSEUM, give it a miss ... nothing interesting really .... not to me, never liked war!
The guide lost three of his fingers as a child to the landmines. So sad!
Cost of admission is USD 3 per pax, gave the guide a USD 1 as tips...
Tuk-tuk charges was USD3 (Hotel/War Museum/Hotel, plus waiting time!).

War Museum

For dinner, we headed to this local restaurant, Smiling Sun, we wanted to try something local. Ordered sour soup, fish paste with egg and egg with dunno what ... didn't like it... cost of dinner USD 6.50. The fish paste with eggs tasted more like pork, and it stinks!

Good night Siem Reap, thank you for the memories!

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