Monday, July 28, 2008

Tow-Trucks...AAM and ME ...

Tow-truck ...
Daddy's car went 'dead' on the highway last Saturday, had to get it towed from Damansara Tol to Sentul. It cost ME (yes, ME!) RM 130.00!!

Called AAM to enquire regarding tow charges, they said it is RM 1.20 per km, and chargeable from tow-truck location to vehicle location area, then to workshop and finally back to tow-truck location. AAM arranged for their panel to call us, and "Ah Beng" said, RM 150.00 to tow, it makes me wonder if RM 1.20 just a mere "make-up" rate to make their whole service professional? I asked what are the mileage like from tow-truck location to Damansara Tol? He couldn't explain in details. Bugger! AAM should check on their panel, all I can think of is "dishonesty" and it is giving AAM a bad name. If you have a rate, it should be followed, detailed out and not manipulated!

We ended up getting the tow service from a number given by the "Tol Plaza" personnel, opening price was RM 150.00 but somehow we negotiated down to RM 130.00.

I remember tow-truck charges was in between RM 60 to RM 80, but no thanks to the fuel increase, all prices (including parking?????, even parking???) are inflated!

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