Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cat Litter : Feline Fresh (Clumping Pine Formula)

Was advised to switch to a wood or paper based litter material as kittens love ingesting the clumping sand that I was using, especially GINGER! GINGER seems to have a liking for sand as an appetiser!

Somehow, the PINE based litter material from Planetwise catched my attention, probably because it is environmental friendly and biodegradable! I am planning to dispose them to my little garden.

Brand : Feline Fresh (Clumping Type Formula) from Planetwise
Purchased from : Petsmore - Carrefour, Kepong
Price : RM 21.75 (after 5% discocunt) for a 2.73kg bag

What I like about the product ? Biodegradable, lightweight, lovely PINE scent, neutralises odour quite efficiently, good absorption and clumps formed are small thus less wastage. Should be able to last about 3 weeks with 2 cats and 3 kittens.

What don't I like about the product ? Quite pricey!!
As the texture is light and fine, the pine litter gets stucked on my cat's coat and travels throughout the household! The bright side? I love the PINE scent on "me" "kitties"!

Zee, bukan jagung kering laaaaa ..... It is PINE CAT LITTER!


Blackie007 said...

hehe, Blackie uses that, too.

cazzycazz said...

Can last up to 3 weeks?? My Fussy Cat Premier lasted my 3 cats & 3 kitties for only 1 week!! Meaning to say, each month i have to stock up 4 - 5 packs!!! Im so going broke!! If it could last for 2 - 3 weeks then definitely i can save up quite a lot each month!! I wonder where can i can in subang area?? Maybe i will check out carefour in subang..... Thanks for sharing!

lupie said...

Yes! It is quite good cazzy!

Yes! Have to agree, Blackie the cat has good taste!!

Sunny said...

Hi! I think it's great that you moved to a more eco friendly litter, but I wanted to make sure that you knew the dangers of composting with cat waste. It's possible for toxoplasmosis to pass from the waste litter to the food in your garden.

Thanks for the review, it was very helpful!

rizna said...

heyy, seems to be a good product frm ur review! i hav two cats aged 9 months, do u tink one packet wud last da whole month??coz da shopkeepr told me dat it wud last for one month for one cat, but ur revies proves otherwise! pls let me know? thanxx...

lupie said...

Hello Rizna,

Two cats = one month should be okay! seriously!

Nowadays, I've lost count of nos of bags used as I have 12 cats indoor! Yes, they have outnumbered us, HUMANS! hellppp ....

Feline fresh is so much better than any sand-based litter that I've tried! :)

Adrian Kuan said...

Just want to know 2.73kg is how many littres

lupie said...

Hi Adrian,
I believe it is about 6 litres.

Adrian Kuan said...

So for 6L can last up to 1 month for 3 cats?

Adrian Kuan said...

one more thing just want to add. If using sand the desc says you need to fill in tray around 3 inch (can't remember the measurement or is it 5 inch) so for wood type how deep should we fill it? i also was told you need a two layer tray?

lupie said...

Hi Adrian,

It all depends on how much your cats do their business! Do feed them with better quality food. Better food means cat will eat lesser, drink less water thus... lesser ... u-know-what!

Buy two packets to start off, depending how big your tray is, one pack as a base and replenish as necessary.

You don't need a two layers tray for this as it is a "clumping" type. It will not work with 2-layer tray.

There's another pallet form, which is non-clumping - that you need to use with a tray as the pellet will break in contact with urine, thus with first layer (with holes), liquid will go through and disintegrated pellet will also move down through the holes - saving $$.

I personally have not switched back to sand based litter as, phew, with 13 cats indoor, I'd faint with the strong ammonia smell!

Good luck!

Adrian Kuan said...

Someone told me that this brand can turn to dust when touch urine now I'm confuse. That's why she told me to use two layer tray. You pour all one bad in one tray?