Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another "buy" .... Ox Carving

While waiting for my turn in Selayang Hospital last Tuesday, I decided to pop to Selayang Capitol to "look, see" a.k.a, "window shopping", though it is not a really interesting place ... but, compared to the hospital, I can't complain.

To start off, I almost slipped right in front of McD, as there was this puddle of water, leaking from god knows where, and my slipper, being almost "worn out" ... nearly gave way, there you have, "a hippo trying to balance herself in a puddle of water" ...

Then, as I "look,see" (not suppose to BUY!!) at this "China products promotion", there was this pair of ox that captured my attention, I know, LT and JT says to get a green, jade OX to activate luck in 2009 but, this pair of ox, pinkish, greyish in colour was calling out for me "Bring me home, we'll "lucky" u..." .... and, surprisingly, it only cost me RM 12.oo for this pair of superb stone carved ox!! I already feel lucky!


Blackie007 said...

Whoa Lupie! That's cheap. Lucky you. Yes, we all want luck, don't we... :)

How have you been? You've been so quiet of late. I'll be taking my mum to Selayang Hospital this coming Tuesday (16/9), for her checkup. Maybe I'll pop by at Selayang Capitol to look see, too. That was a brilliant idea of yours, to go window shopping instead of sitting and waiting for hours and hours at Selayang Hospital (which I've always done).

lupie said...

Hello Blackie!

I have been bogged down with hospital appointments, classes, cleaning cat poo2 ... aaarrghhh.... anyway, my WBC is declining again.. hahaha, now they are taking me off AZA (a.k.a Imuran)...

My next blood works is on 24-09, then to see the skin and rheumy doc in Oct, then eye doc in Nov..

Have fun window shopping tomorrow! Hope your mummy don't have to wait too long for her turn to see the doc!

Blackie007 said...

Wow, you have hospital appointments every month!

The wait wasn't too long today, and the computerized number system wasn't working so we had no idea how long the wait was going to be. My mum's no. was 66, so we decided to hang on and wait, since the nurse there could not give us an estimate of how long the wait would be.

We'll be there again on 14 Nov to collect another 2 months' of vitprobin tablets (or whatever it's called). It's for the nerves to help my mum's rheumy fingers and swollen legs. Or something like that. I'm totally clueless when it comes to health and prescriptions. They keep changing the prescriptions that I dont even remember anymore what is for what.

You take care and take it easy, dear. I can imagine how much work there is in having 2 cats & 3 kitties....get hubby to help out if it's too much for your health.

EddyBearChew said...

Ox Craving...not nice color lah
maybe you should bleach it..
ah aha aha