Friday, September 26, 2008

Onion ......... and a new "TOY"

Brought Onion to Baby Pets @ Equine Park. It is her very first visit to the vet! Surprisingly, she behaved well. She is always a very good ONION girl.

One of the ladies in Baby Pets asked "What's her name?"
Me : "Onion"
Lady : "Arrg?"
Me : "O-N-I-O-N" (spelling it out for her)
Lady : You know cats can't take Onion, right?
Me : I know, her sis is named "Garlic"

She paused .... and then suggested that I name my next kittens "Chocolate" and "Panadol" ... I wish, but both names are quite a mouthful ... I am, a max, two-syllable person.

Ok, ok, enough about names ....

After examination, doctor gave her some meds on the spot. When we got home, she was already better, meowing really loud! She looks better and stronger! Meds are working!
Cost? RM 34, which IMHO is reasonable...

We then moved on to Seri Kembangan Post Office to collect my furkids little toy, A scratching post with hideout! YES! I am finally getting them a proper toy (though a rejected unit!). Cost me RM 39, inclusive delivery charges, all the way from Kedah!

I am quite happy with this little purchase!! :D

Oh ya, did I mention that ONION has started eating and drinking?

Bugger, I feel like I am running a low fever .... :) maybe I should share ONION's meds?? Might work you know!


Blackie007 said...

I am so glad to hear that Onion is better, you took her to the post office? lucky onion...go kai-kai, eh? :)

I like the little dialog u had with the lady in BabyPets.....I can imagine you deriving pleasure from telling her that Onion's sis is called!!!!

Blackie007 said...

I meant to add "And one big, big hug to onion girl" before I posted the earlier comment...

cazzycazz said...

And so Onion is better now as expected! *Happy*.... Btw, the pole is seriously a good buy!! I bought theirs at discounted price, a bigger unit for i think RM250++!! Darn expensive isn't it?? But they are loving it and it is worth while... What a slave i am..... just like u guys... *wink*

Zeelicious MeowMeow said...

onion and garlic name ok what..
what la that doc..hehe..
neway what is IMHO?
keep finding the long meaning version but don't know la..
i know other short term but not that one..huhu..
wah,the scartching post quite ok the price..
i'm oso thinking of finding one..
cause right now i'm the cat's scratching post..huhu...

lupie said...

Hello Blackie, Cazzy and Zee!!

Onion sends her love to all for the well wishes. She is much better but still on anti-biotic!

Yeah, the rejected scratching with hideout post was quite a good buy, if you look closely, there's a dent, near the hideout. Oh well, my cats aren't in ISO or TQM, they wouldn't notice!

Blackie, YES! The look on her face was priceless!! :D Wait till I bring all three of them for vaccination!!

Cazzy, RM 250 ++ ??? WOW! How big??

Zee, IMHO - In my humble opinion...
Eh, kecian u jadi scratching post... but the more they scratch, the more they sayang kat u!

Blackie007 said...

So glad to hear that ONION is doing better now. Muacks to ONION.

What about you, dear? How r u? You've been MIA for quite a few days now....the last post u wrote that u were developing a low fever. Hope it's nothing serious. We've missed u & your wicked sense of humour la. **hugz**

I think I'm not in ISO or TQM either la...I can't see the dent. But it's a very good deal you got leh..

Haha, I can't imagine what's going to happen when you bring all 3 of them for vaccination....ginger, garlic and onion...all the handy ingredients in a kitchen, too bad Lulu did not have 4 kitties, otherwise the 4th could be shallots, hmmm?? :D

EddyBearChew said...

i wan that scratching mine mine mine....