Wednesday, September 10, 2008

PayPerPost ... paid me USD 7.50

Wow..... I am USD 7.50 richer today!!!

PayPerPost actually paid me !! My very first online income .....

Wanna know how to get rich (USD 7.50, to be precise...) like me?? Oh well, click on the top right hand box to join!

OR ....

click below and review my blog! Hehehehe


Blackie007 said...

sorry for the delay in your payperpost payment.....remember how my blog was not 1 month old and payperpost asked me to resubmit again in a month's time? well, I forgot and only remembered recently. The payment USD15 shared between both of us (the reviewer and the blogger) was only processed after I resubmitted my blog. Again, my sincerest apologies.

I have a notty idea...will email you later and we can discuss it further.

cazzycazz said...

I also wanna make money!! Oh dear, USD7.5 is enough to buy Feline Fresh for our kids already!!!