Sunday, October 26, 2008

Barley & Bianca

Barley has been adopted by a nice little girl named Bianca.
Probably it is fated, she came for Cili but took Barley instead.

Yes, I am very sad..... Barley is very special, she is the first one I brought indoor and like a "green cow" she is never afraid of anything. She is a purr machine!

I hope Bianca and Barley will be best of friends.


Blackie007 said...

Awwwh, I'm going to miss news updates of Barley now that she has been adopted. Even though she's not my kitten, I already miss her. :`(

I wish Barley all the best, and may she have a loving home with Bianca. May the two of them be best friends forever and ever, and may Bianca take very good care of Barley. Hugs and kisses to Barley.

Zeelicious MeowMeow said...

wish the best for barley and bianca!yeah!
neway kak bina,don't be sad2..still can lamwat melawat right?heh.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, and thanks for dropping by!

Barley is lovely! She must be well loved in her new home :)

The toys.. they're from everywhere LOL! The tent is from Ikea, the pink bed is from Pet Safari, Ikano, the cat tunnel is from Pets Wonderland, Great Eastern Mall..

cazzycazz said...

Lupie dear,
How did you do it?? Oh dear i wish i have your courage! My 3 kittens were supposed to be put for adoption, but i did not want to separate them and hoping someone would take all of them, which is a slim hope..... Eventually my love for them has grown so deep that i could no bear the thoughts of losing them.... Ya, i got myself into more troubles loh at the end.... Hehehehe.....

Anyways, my love and best wishes to both Barley and Bianca..... Muaks.....