Saturday, October 11, 2008

A letter to Na Jip

Dear Na Jip,

My name is Ah Bin, read with interest today’s STAR online where you horr mentioned two Chinese principles – quanxi (relationship, actually horr, it means “connection”) and Mianzi (giving face or saving face…).

I write to tell you horr, this two principles we already got one (or two). You see “quanxi” horr is actually “cable” lorr, like if you want to get a job in govt dept ar, you need strong cable, then can pull u in lor. Connection mahh…. Get it or not. We already got Klo…ni…sem (wait, I google for correct spelling first…), I mean we got cronyism liow mah. So no need to introduce new term lah, later people start to relate Chinese people with cronyism. No good la like that. Use other terms like “cable” also can already.

Then, second one hor, Mianzi. Aiyo, this one you got it wrong already. How can simply simply give face one? Sometimes because want to save face hor, wrong also don’t want to admit. How laa… if like this ar, all also because of “Mianzi” don’t want to admit wrong then our whole legal system very busy lor. This principle out dated liow laa, nowadays, gentlemen always admit their mistake one….no face giving or saving. Wrong means wrong laa, say sorry la, no big deal.
Also hor, our nation many people thick skinned one, how leh, give face everytime leh?

So ar, in summary hor, I don’t think you should encourage this two principles horr. Later people misunderstand us lor. You want to find idea or principles ar, you go read Dilbert’s cartoon, very funny one – his principles up to date one…

Yang Benar, Ah Bin


celena said...

Hahahaha....coooooooool letter. :-p

Johnny Ong said...

bravo bravo (clappin while standing up)

EddyBearChew said...

Sudah bagi Na Jip the letter ar??