Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cili adopted ...

Cili and her siblings, Barley, Curry and Parsley are alley kittens living on our back lane. I took them in as the weather had been really wet and they looked very sickly. With much love and care, they are now looking much better, good for new homes.

I listed them for adoption on
Barley & Cili have found their new family.

Cili left for her new home (in Klang) today, thanks Liyya.


Blackie007 said...

Congrats on finding a new home for Cili! Hope Cili and her master will be best of friends forever and ever.

Wah, Ginger Boy looks so big next to Cili, almost like an adult cat. They grow so fast!

lupie said...

Yup, 4 mths old and starting to look like an adult cat now, especially GINGER. ONION & GARLIC still look like a kitten!

cazzycazz said...

Lupie dear you are such an angel, muaks!!

Blackie007 said...

hehe...GINGER can't wait to be a macho tom cat, the alpha male in the family. ;)

His face is getting to be very macho & hensem leh. Another big warm hug to GINGER.