Saturday, November 01, 2008

Garlic Day 117 - 30-Oct-08

Well, this is Garlic, a big kitty now. 117 days to be exact.
She used to be the smallest but have grown to match the size of her other siblings, Onion and Ginger.

Now, what can I tell you about GARLIC?
GARLIC likes to meow a lot, and when she meows, she wants attention. She wants you to stroke or play with her. When you ignore her, she will jump to your lap and rake her claws on you!
Plus, she loves to twine herself around my ankle, especially when I am walking down the stairs!

1 comment:

Blackie007 said...

Awwh, that's so sweet, twining herself round your ankle as u go down the stairs. She loves u very much!

Garlic looks so beautiful and elegant now, a real princess. A big hug and kiss to Garlic. Ah, must remember to brush teeth after that...or breath might have reek of garlic...hehe!!