Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shopping for Kitties...

Today, I collected my pre-ordered, specially priced 12kg of RC Hair & Skin at RM195.00 (muahahahahaha......)

SAAC sure looks busy today with a CAT SHOW on and a few stalls selling "cats related stuff" ...

No thanks to them, I end up buying more than expected...

a toy
a nail clipper
2kg Blackwood Adult (because I wanted the container)
3 cans of Regal Wetfood
6 bags of litter materials (not sure how good these are BUT I was taken by their Buy 5 free 1 promotion, muahahah..... I am a sucker when it comes to FOC stuff)


Nothing for myself
(but hey, I've got 8 (+2 ) loving cats !)

1 comment:

EddyBearChew said...

Woi...remember to feed yout catsssss "tong yuen".....hahaha