Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cat Chinese New Year (CNY) Tips # 01

Cat Owner CNY tips #01 to ensure abundance, always available cat food (improvised from the human's version)

Firstly, placed 8 types of different cat kibbles into a red angpow packet ....

Then, sealed the angpow packet and place at the bottom of container, I used a plactic zipper bag to cover the angpow packet ...

Cut out "Always Full" chinese characters to paste in front of container, in my case, I used English as I do not write Chinese!

Fill container "full" of cat kibbles!

Tiger & Lulu : "What's meowmmy up to again!???"

Chinese New Year falls on 26-Jan-09 ...... Gong Xi Fa Chai all ... Have a prosperous, healthy, happy year of the OX! We shall all keep the "recession stars" away with the "resilient stars" within us!


Anonymous said...

Can we try this in a green packet?

Blackie007 said...

Hehe, cut one for me, too, Lupie! :)
Happy Moo Year to you and may health, wealth, peace and happiness be with you in abundance this year and forever more. And may your cat kibbles' container be always full, too. :)

El said...


happy chinese new year to all cats :)

CazzyCazz said...

Hahaha, this is really a good one!! Funny Lupie!