Sunday, January 04, 2009

Klinik Kembiri ...... Parsley & Ginger aka Beckham Boy "fixed", "altered..."

Today is a big day for Parsley and Ginger (also known as "Beckham Boy"), they have been "fixed", "altered" (i.e. neutered). Beckham Boy Ginger is one day shy of being 6 months old, while Parsley is about 4 months.

It was such a heartache when Beckham and Parsley were screaming their lungs off while on our way to Klinik Kembiri. Putting myself in their "paws", they must have been really frightened, not knowing "what", "who" awaits them ... I kept to myself throughout the journey, I felt, in a way, I "betrayed" them, I prayed that all will be okay, no complications and assured myself that I am doing the right, logical THING!

Before deciding "when" to neuter them, I searched through the internet for the "right time / age" ... well, there were many different thoughts, some prefer 6 mths and above, some said to wait for "first heat" while others think early neutering is the best option. All these preferences come with own valid grounds. Worth to mention, the reason to wait for first heat (6mts and above) is to ensure that sexual organs are fully developed before removal to avoid complications.
On the other hand, pros of early neutering includes quicker healing, less bleeding and etc...

Beckham Boy's neutering would be considered of the "common age" while Parsley falls under "early age". I have to say, it is quite true that they say kittens under "early age neutering" recover much quicker, as observed with Parsley. He started eating, running and attacking Salem Girl (Boy??) after 6 hours while Beckham Boy is still struggling to walk, eat and as at now still look a little weak and confused.

Parsley's Personal No. - 7!!

Started to attack Salem Girl at 14:00 hour!!


Beckham Boy Personal No. - 6!!

Salem Girl (Boy???) being there for Beckham Boy

Registration procedures at Klinik Kembiri were efficient and quick. We were there at 9.00am, took about 20 minutes to sign in, was told to come back at 11.30 am to pick up the cats. Surprisingly, we received a call at 10.30 am to inform us that our kittens are ready to go home. Not forgetting, the neutering procedures for 2 male kittens (RM90) and deworming tablets (RM10) only cost us RM100.

Klinik Kembiri is meant for the low-middle income pet owners.

Tel:03-40243446 (office)
012-2581041 (Manager – Mr G.R. Krishnan)
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Anonymous said...

RM90 is cheap! I called Pusat Haiwan in penang and they said the cat of neutering a male cat is RM120! So, I better go to any good private vet down here, isnt it?

Blackie007 said...

Awwwh....poor Ginger doesn't look too happy at losing his manhood....muahahah!!!!

pijapijot said...

hai i want to ask. do i need to make appointment before i take my cat to this klinik?