Saturday, February 14, 2009

Respect for thy ruler ...

Respect is to be earned and not inherited. It applies to everyone, regardless your status, skin or the colour of your underwear.

Sultans are not exempted from this rule either. To be loved, you need to love your "rakyat", listen to your "rakyat" and not any "frogs" or "bespectacled tiger in lamb clothing".

"Don't be rude", says 'one' Sultan. Ponder on, who was "rude" in the first place? Who asked for someone to leave immediately despite powers of 28 vs 28, (minus one "running bitch", two "corrupted breed" and oh ya, not forgetting a "frog"). The integrity of these "fence people" are much questionable and should never be taken into account. I have no idea what went into the brain cells of our dear learned Sultan who took the words of these 3 half-breed that sees the collapse of "Rome" in making. "Rome was not built in a day, but it certainly can "fall" in one!" No thanks to our dear Sultan.

Also, worth to mention, "one" Sultan quote of "mob culture", well, to me, the biggest mob that I've ever seen is Mr. Kir Toyol. His name says it all ... he is a pure breed of a T*yol.
This t*yol mentioned "zero-opposition" in the last election and end up being opposition (thank god!), now, he can't keep his mouth shut.

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Well written!!
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