Saturday, March 28, 2009

My kitchen ..

Finally, our kitchen is functional!!
It is nothing to shout about ... it is just a simple, MY kitchen. Beware! Women can get very territorial with their kitchens! Just like cats, we mark our territory, see the puddle of water under the sink? It is..... nothing but ....... a puddle of water .... hahahahaha

Thanks to the various interest-free instalments with credit cards, we were able to purchase IKEA cabinets (cost us nearly RM2.5K), a nice PHILIPS water purifier and a kitchen hood! We re-used most of our old stuffs like microwave, fridge, gas-stove and my very-famous farewell gift from my ex-colleagues - a rice cooker (first use, after almost 2-years in a box!)

Now, all I need is an oven to complete my kitchen! Also, a can opener!


Blackie007 said...

Lupieeeee!!! so glad your blog is up again! *muacks* I've missed u la.....and missed reading your blog. your posts always makes me smile or laugh out loud, really brightens my day up. *hugs*

you've got a very cool kitchen la...much more orderly than mine, and looks much better, too. more like a professional's, hahaha.

i guess u won't be accessing your blog from your office computer now, huh? better not. it's not safe, for u might forget to clear your browser's cache & history.

your boss knows u're an alsatian or german sheperd, that's why he's using u to guard his door....he just pretends you are a mongrel so he can pay u less than what u deserve.

Anonymous said...

Wah, cool kitchen u have there. U must be love cooking!

Glad u're back..

celena said...

Nice kitchen! Dining same area as in kitchen? Can opener ar? Can can i much? ;-)

LonTugi said...

hi im new to ur blog... nice kitchen btw.. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah.. nice kitchen.. i'm following your blog quite somtimes,but this is the first time i leave you a comment...very cute cat you have..