Friday, July 17, 2009


I seriously do not know how to name this title of my new 'post'.
I know that I'll be seeing X-Boss T very soon, maybe next week. I have such a huge resentment over him that I dread to see him. I feel like there's a big "STUPID" sticker on my forehead when he is around, why did it take me 6 donkey years and two hospitalisation to realise that the job was not worth it?

I have to agree that this world is a small, small place.

Yesterday, I received an sms on a possible gathering being suggested by the very infamous two persons (X-Boss-T and X-Colleague-S)- I replied and said "I'm not free".

How can I ever forget these two infamous persons ..
X-Boss-T who licks boots, no backbone
X-Colleague-S who licks I dunno what, but I've seen her going out very late at night with big-boss... go figure...

I cannot imagine how they will brag about their high flying career ...
Me? I am just a part-timer ... no career, scooping cat's poo and pee .... with a 14 yr-old kancil, outstandingly interesting leh?

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Blackie007 said...

Lupie dearest,

Come and join us in our next gathering, where we brag about how much our cats poo and pee, and how busy we are scooping their poo and pee.

Seriously, your X-boss T and X-colleague S can't be as happy as us deep down inside. They are chasing the material world, and will always be wondering if there's anyone amongst their friends who will backstab them anytime in order to replace them or to advance ahead of them.

You get happiness when you give much happiness have those people given anyone? much happiness have they received, you think?

So, be happy in what you are, my dearest friend. {{{hugs}}}