Thursday, July 02, 2009

Driving, cool eh?

After so many donkey years of being driven around, or begged to be driven, I've finally got enough guts to drive myself, solo, three times, to and fro from work.

My parking skill is almost non-existance, sucks big time!
It takes me ages to get out of the parking spot, numerous honking, and the latest, a security guard actually came to make sure that I do NOT bump into any cars.
To me, parking is quite an experience.

One time that I managed to park within the spot, oh god, I am so proud of myself. (This is also the time when the security guard came about poking his nose when I tried to get out...)

Some may ask, why am I making such a big fuss over driving?

Well, let me explain, kindly, I have a problem differentiating "left" and "right". Big time problem. It takes a delay of 5 second to process the word "left" or "right" ... so, when someone say turn "left", I need 5 seconds to process where is left! I even wore my bracelet on my left wrist as an indicator. Strange isn't it?

Just the other day the sexytary said to me, "I can never understand why some people are so stupid not knowing left and right?". I looked at her and said, "You are looking at one.." .... hmmm ... she felt bad ... and I left her feeling that way, cause I felt bad too and still feeling it ... DAMN.

Anyway, back to driving. I've never ever expected to pass my driving test, but like I said, it was a divine intervention. I passed, with 19/20 ... despite engaging the wrong gear, and pressing the "accelerator" instead of "brake" in front of traffic light ... shhhh .... shhhh.....

Can't believe it, I am actually a "P" driver now. I am planning to get "P" sticker enlarged, paste it "big, big" on the back screen. I feel "raped" being over-taken by cars from right (??), and on a double-line. F*ck it ...


Blackie007 said...

aww, what is your car number plate? I'll make sure I don't park next to you if we happened to be at the same place, same time... :D

Left?? Err, it's the wrist that has a watch...yup, that's how I differentiate between left & right. My hubby got into the habit of telling me, "your other right" becos he felt that it makes no difference whether he tells me left or right. Lol.

<< s| tED| >> said...

kelakarlah sis ni!! Lama x updates ye?

Saya juga akan mengambil masa bebrapa saat untuk memikirkan yan mana kiri atau kanan! heheheh. Parking juga selalu fail!

masa belajar memandu dulu, kita di beri tips untuk mengecam berapa tiang dr cermin hadapan, berapa tiang dr cermin belakang untuk masuk parking dgn tepat!

tapi tiang tu hanya dekat tempat parking di pusat memandu je lah. mana ada tiang kat parking shopping compleks! Hehehehehe

Well done sis. Good lUck! Eh jangan lupa pasang Pelekat P tu besar. Supaya org tau kita belum lulus sepenuhnya! Hehehe..

Anonymous said...

OMG we are so alike, last time when the instructor told me turn left, i was like "shit, shit where is left?" =) managed tp pass the test!!

i hate it when ppl makes joke abt it (now my friends will point their fingers at the direction rather than telling to go left Or right since i will take time to think which side is left) hahah so pathetic

and imagine now i am a lawyer handling mainly accident cases, imagine me trying to ask the witness teh question "encik datang dari arah kanan atau kiri?" when I don't even know where is it LOL

lupie said...

Blackie ... hmmm.... you "bad"!! What's your car plate? Make sure I park next to yours! Heheheheh

Oh sis, so, kita orang nie species yg sama ya? Org yg tak pandai parking ... plus, orang "P" ... P = Pandai ... kan, kan, kan?

Anonymous, hey lawyer, you just made me feel a little smarter now! A learned person like yourself can't differentiate between left and right too! :)
I am sure you make a very good lawyer! :) You'd confused the witnesses! :)

thechairspeaks said...

Your parking looks alright in this picture. What I do not know is how long did it take you to park this good. :D

lupie said...

It took me 0.83hr to park that good ... muahahaha