Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fifth A(H1N1) Death in Malaysia ...

The newspaper reports that the passsing of the 10-year-old girl from Perak is confirmed as the fifth A(H1N1) death.
I hope the government will make it mandatory for all with flu symptoms to be tested for H1N1.

I've been to many doctors and I know most of them will treat flu symptoms (without 'high' fever) very lightly, they'll just squash any concern that ones may have by saying, "It's just a normal flu ...." and give you the look like, "Oh, you are just wasting my time, could have just gotten yourself a panadol from 7-11".

Dear Doctors-without-an-ounce-of-compassion, I know some of you may think that you are underpaid and overworked but please remember the oath you have taken. In the wake of H1N1, no symptom is too mild. Do your stupid test!


saya said...

yeap.. do take early precautions to prevent it.. but howver i heard in today news that one boy died without showing any h1n1 symptoms... then how??? anyway.... lots and lots and lots of cats you have!!! wahh.. and all of them are cute..

<< s| tED| >> said...

yuP! doktor kena bagi perhatian betul2 pada mereka walau hanya demam sikit2. macam kes di malaka. kesian.

mak ayah pun kesal x sudah. ingatkan demam2 biasa..
harap2 di jauhkan untuk kita semua

Blackie007 said...

latest report today -- 8 deaths now....and the doctors not only treat flu symptoms without fever lightly, they also treated flu symptoms with FEVER lightly.

my hubby had flu with fever the other day, and we were concerned. but his doctor wasn't. his exact words "not so easy to catch H1N1 if you haven't recently gone to US". huh??? Did he forget to catch up with the news or what?!?!

lupie said...

Saya - news mentioned that boy did had a fever - right? But of course, to those docs, fever without other flu symptoms = bukan "H1N1"!

Sis, I did read about the case in Malacca, which I personally think is a disgusting negligence of "tidak-apa" attitudes of doctors!

Blackie, yes, these doctors tend to treat our lives very lightly. Wait till it is someone they love! I hope your hubby is feeling better now ...