Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tai Kor & Manja "Altered" ....

The original plan was to send Manja and Salem for neutering today.

However, yesterday late in the afternoon, we managed to confine "Tai Kor" (or "Big Brother") of the alley. We believe he is responsible for many single "meommys" in our area!

So, the plan changed. As we were only booked for 2 male cats, we decided to defer Salem's snip-snip and instead took "Tai Kor" & Manja to Klinik Kembiri today.

We reached Klinik Kembiri at about 9.10 am, Manja and "Tai Kor" numbers were 18 & 19 respectively. As usual, we went for breakfast, a little groceries shopping and a trip to the temple. While on our way to Klinik Kembiri at about 12 pm, En. Krishnan called and said that they are ready for home!
Upon reaching home, I had to partition the cage outside our house to confine "Tai Kor" for at least two days. Unlike Darkie's experience, which was quite messy and bloody, "Tai Kor" incision looks neat and clean.

Bottom : Tai Kor

Bottom : Manja

It took a while before "Tai Kor" finally came out of the anesthesia. He vomitted and looked lost. I hope he feels better tomorrow.

Manja has started eating, although, like "Tai Kor" he looks lost too ... oh well, he did lose something (or two things, or a "pair"? to be exact) today.

Cost? RM100 for two male cats.


farah said...


i love reading ur blog! =) that's weird when my tomcat went for the snip, he was okay after few hours (after anxiously following him arnd the hse) he ate and peed =)

i don't have the heart to put him in the cage cause he's a bit claustrophobic... wish tai kor all the luck

p/s: since my cat is overweight they increased it to RM60 cause he uses more anesthesia =)

The Chair Speaks said...

Haha, Manja is so cute with the tag still stuck on his head.
Lupie, the cats have to fast the night before the operation to prevent vomiting.

<< s| tED| >> said...

Untunglah salem..!! ekekekeke...
banyak sangat ke yang dak tai kor lost tu?? ekekekekeke...

Tapi kan sis.. suka tengok kucing ni bila dia sedar dari 'koma' tu!! Ekekekekeke.. dia jalan sambil mamai!!terpusing-pusing dan tumbang... ekekekekeek..

erk! asal lak over gelak ni..
moga budak-budak dua ekor ini cepat sembuh.
Salem.. kau boleh berhoye-hoya yek!!


We feel nuit by dudes, get well soon. Here at home, all through the procedure,Wu when was only 3 months and the boys ,Lud at 1 year and Boris with two, now be Paloma turn , hope everything goes well.

CATS 4 MEOWS said...


Debra Taylor said...

Lupie - thanks for commenting on my blog. And it is so sweet that you are caring for all your kitties! They are adorable.

If you ever start a blog list, please add mine and let me know so I can add yours if you want.

Thank you,

katztales said...

Kudos to you for doing this! Target recovered in hours, so did Au. But they always look so pathetic when they are coming out of it. I'm arranging to send Tam in for his snip - and then his mum, sis and the two kittens.

Blackie007 said...

Poor Tai Kor.

When Blackie went for the snip, he looked rather lost when he came out of it, too. His legs were rather weak, and he was stumbling around, and didn't have the strength to poo or pee.

But he recovered and was jumping and running around by next morning.

Wish Tai Kor & Manja speedy recovery. {{{hugs to both of them}}}

Bobo mama said...

Bina.. Yeah you are right! Taiko is Bobo's father..