Monday, October 26, 2009

Me, my 9 credit cards and Najib

1,2,3,4,5,6 ........
Maybank 3x
Hong Leong 2x
Alliance 1x
Citibank 1x

9 x RM 50.00 = RM 450.00

Fuck, fuck with the credit card tax! Can't even get the GST right and now they want to penalise credit cards holders!

2,410,000 credit card holders x RM 50 = RM 120,500,000

PM said "what is RM 50?" - well, it translate into RM 120,500,000!!
Well done Mr. PM ... I've just felt RM45o poorer with your stupid budget!

I am unemployed, sick and the only credit facilities I can get is to stick on whatever credit cards I had when I was still working and now ... there goes my backup! You evil evil man ...


sI tEDI said...

ini di katakan... marahkan nyamuk kelambu di bakar...

konon nak mengelakkan orang hutang bank sbb kad kredit.. kenakan cukai supaya kurang org guna kad kredit...

jadi mangsanya... semua pemegang kad kredit..

yup! well done najib!!

celena said...

WHAT!!!! He trying to fill up his coffer with credit card tax!!! This is outrageous!!! Idiot! and down right evil evil. What a stupid PM we have now.

Corruptman said...

Yaay. Najib and they all think kita orang Malaysian bodoh. Some government supporters maybe sure support this move, because they are so bodoh to think. Hope the credit card money fill your COFFIN instead la.

lupie said...

I guess "they" (u-know-who) need money to buy back the jet engine ... muahahhahahhahahha - arsehole