Monday, December 07, 2009

I still cannot believe she is gone ...

The images of ex-colleague who passed on to another world, place peacefully (I hope...) two weeks ago are playing in my mind.

There were times when I made unkindly remarks towards her, mostly out of frustration or sometimes, pure KPC (Kay Poh Chee) doings ... gossip, gossip, though most of the time I am not the "monger" but I participated, and this made me feel sad.... so much sadder that she had passed on, and there's nothing nice I can ever do to make it up to her.

Life is such ..

How will I be remembered if I were to pass on too?

Will I be remembered as a timid little mouse who hold grudges against the big mean wolves who belittled me at work? Or simply, a daughter, wife, mommy to kitties and a little sister? Sometimes, in life, we go around being upset over things which will hold no value in the after world, like work ... an over-priced handbag - why not enjoy and treasure these little things while they are still here?

Things like waking up to 12 hungry cats and kittens in the morning, all trying to break the bedroom door open, scratching madly like I've not fed them in days... things like going all out to eat the fattest, juiciest duck with my brother while on a supposedly "diet" ... things like having my hubby to cover half of me when taking pictures because it makes me look "slim".... things like getting a "voiceless" voicemail from dad that lasted 20 minutes because he had accidentally dialed my number while on his "yum char" session with friends ... things like going through my sister's things (heheheeh...) and then pretend innocent ....

In summary, love works in a mysteriously ways ... mine is in calories, the more ones feed me, the more loved I feel... muahahhaha

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