Friday, December 18, 2009

Meet Boo ...

This is Earth, one of the 5-kittens that a meowmmy brought to our front door ... :) His eyes were so badly infected that we thought he would never survived.

Like I've always said, fate sometimes takes over - Earth being the weakest somehow survived and outlived his two other siblings, Fire and Jack2.

Earth managed to charm his way to heart of a lady named Farah. Earth was adopted and given a new cute name - "BOO"!! I like!!!

Many moons have passed, today I received a little message from "BOO" - yes, he can type! Amazing!

His message reads as follow :-

Mommy lupie! Been long time and I blame my human for not updating you about me.
This is my picture taken by my human few minutes ago. My human just told me she is not familiar with photobucket thingy and insert-image-thing so she doesnt know how to resize the picture . I guess she shud study how to be IT-literate.

As u can see she disturbed my precious sleep!

See my slim belly! I exercise alot and always pressure my human to play with me!
So I woke up and try to give the "bestest" post since my human told me she will post this pic to you.

Oh Boo ... you little angel! You are such a darling ... look how you thrived with mommy Farah ... She is such a good mommy - make sure you give her lots of kisses and licks everyday!! :))))

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