Saturday, January 16, 2010

144/97 ....

144/97 - machine (OMRON too..) reading @ clinic (diff. doctor) - 1.00 pm today.
I totally don't get it!
So play, play not, I then took my Vamlo 5!
My BP readings at home were 95% of the times normal! What on earth is going on?

I even brought my brand new OMRON machine for the doc to test, thinking that it is faulty and I would probably need to claim warranty and talah ... it measured 157/99!!!!!

Immedialy after I reached home, I measured again, it was normal?????? Huh?

Am I having White Coat Syndrome? BUT, the both docs I went too don't even have white coats on! OR am I doing something wrong somewhere? Oh bugger! Am I such an idiot?

"White coat hypertension, also known as white coat syndrome, is a phenomenon in which patients exhibit elevated blood pressure in a clinical setting but not in other settings ... "

Read more at :-

I truly do not want to be over-medicated for reason non-other than being a fool / sucker!


katztales said...

Pet a cat or dog; it does wonders for high blood pressure!

lupie said...

Yes it does - that's why my BP readings are always good at home! :)