Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Money, Lots of Honey ...

I didn't work yesterday and today.
I actually did get some sleep yesterday and woke up a little refreshed (clap..clap...), it could be the Valium doing the work or the fact I didn't get much UV rays yesterday. I am beginning to feel like a sexy, ribena-loving vampire ... muahahhaa ...

Dipstick this morning shows a colour in between +2 and +3 - to worry or not, I don't know. To be honest, I am not feeling "THAT" sick, losing a bit of appetite, food smells awful to me at times - other than that, I feel "OKAY" ... my other half had been pestering me to quit my job like NOW, stop working - but can I? I've still got suppliers to pay!! My cashflow! Management accounts! Withholding taxes! Damn ... how can I quit now? If I tell him, he'll say, "YOU NEVER LEARN LA .. remember twice, hospitalised in Bangkok, still like that ... you don't love yourself!

It makes me wonder how many lupies are able to work full-time? I am trying but it is just so difficult!

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