Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reason to joy .... to be happy - another tooth fixed!

I have numerous teeth problem that will cost me more than my 12-yr old second-hand KANCIL, eventually!!!!!! That's bad - I have only one KANCIL and I don't think the dentist would want it for barter trade.

Doc while looking at my X-Ray - I may need three root canal treatments, yup - my teeth are that rotten!!

First, I've got one super big hole on my molar on my top set and then there's this lone last-standing remaining molar on my right bottom and recently a slight chip on my canine with a very very big amalgam filling (that makes me looks like Terminator's ex-wife) - the amalgam broke (I've only had it done in Jul-09!!!! seriously!)

My brain was trying very hard to "count" - I asked ... er... "How much?" Looking very, very pitiful and wishing that I had a calculator with me. The nurse went to find out the rates - molar RTC (mind you, X 2!) - RM 1,350 each (X 2), the canine RTC RM 900 - this is without the crown. Crown, basic one another RM 1000 for canine, the crown molar was ..... god, I've fainted at this point of time and suddenly I could count no more!!!

I looked at the dentist - so, what can I do now, with one big hole on my canine (since the amalgam fell off..) ... what's the RTC procedure like? Doc say he will fill it up with some "meds" before the appointment to do RTC. I am at the point of having to choose which teeth I love most? I need my canine for Angelina Jolie has one, but I need my molars too, otherwise how do I eat KFC? Maybe I'll let go the top molar since I've still got some spare teeth to support. Doc looked at me - pitifully, with the heart of compassion and said, okay, let's try to fill the canine with composite. It was a long job trying to fix it, he did it without any local anesthetic - good thing, it didn't feel painful - meaning the nerve may still be okay after all .. though not much original tooth is left!

My canine tooth now looks more like Angelina's ... she would be jealous .. trust me!

Thank you Dr. A of SmileShop - See you next week for my next filling! :)

Unit D-13. Ground & Mezzanine Floors,
Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

TEL :- 03-6201 5003 (call for Anna, the sweet sweet lady!)

P:S : At least this dentist knows what lupus is and precautionary measure for tooth extraction!


katztales said...

We'll be purring for you!

farah said...

my mum had to do the exact thing last time but she didn't have u condition, the dentist was very nice, the costs is around RM 2k so since my mum can only spend like RM500 monthly on dental, she divided the payment into 4! =)

i love good and compassionate doctors!