Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm feeling better ...

Surprise, surprise ... my appetite is back.

My chickenpox is under control, not so itchy anymore - thank you Mr. Acyclovir! Some spots are still blister-like, there's a big moon crater on my neck (thanks to my own itchy fingers) and I believe they are "crusting" up to fall off in a day or two or three ...

I really do feel better - my brain is like on "super" mode. I did so many things yesterday that would normally take me a week to do! I am on hyper-prednisolone mode - I've been through it before - when my steroids are upped, I'd feel super-well for a few weeks ... then I turn sluggish, let's just hope I am will feel better and well for longer this time around (got Mr. Acyclovir to backup for a couple more days mah!) ..

I'm beginning to think, could my "unwell" episode lately caused by the chickenpox virus incubating within me? It might be true as I started feeling "nauseated", mild feverish like around a month or so ago - it appears that chickenpox takes 10-20 days before it "hatched"!

Lately my spot-on "Uristix" dips show protein of in between +1 and +2, so I guess I am a little better? Still, I will have to wait for my kidney biopsy result to be certain!

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Blackie007 said...

Glad to hear you're much better. {{{hugs}}}