Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Outta Ward 7B (Nephro) - Kidney Bx Hospital Selayang,

My kidney biopsy was peformed yesterday at about 8.10 am or so, it took about 1/2 hour and I seriously believed Dr. S prayers last week worked! Everything went on smoothly!

Early in the morning at about 5 am or so , I was already up and worried, then at about 7.00am when I was getting ready in the washroom and guess what? A little white butterfly / moth flew in and I felt like she was speaking to me "Hey - worry not - good luck, piece of cake!" (Or probably prednisolone pyschosis doing the talking - hahaha, whatever it was, it calmed me down).

Dr. X came and explained the risk and started the procedure. First lay on my tummy, then the nice nurse put two pillows underneath my tummy (below my very, very fine sexy location of my belly button). Dr. X started injecting painkiller to make me "numb", a bit of sting here and there but after a while, you don't feel a thing. I did get nauseous and I said "I want to vomit!" - he said "I haven't started ..", I replied "I know ..."

Though I didn't see most of whatever the doctor did but roughly, he will first clean the area, scan (mine was the left kidney), then I think he drew a "smiley" on where is going to poke, scan again, another "smiley" perhaps?. He will then "numb" the area.

There's a lot of "inhale, hold, exhale" to see how your kidney moves when you breath.

So simply, they will say, "inhale, hold a bit, exhale" several time and when they say inhale, hold long and you'd hear a sound "tuck" (like stapler) thing - means, sample out. They may attempt again for a second sample!

Nurse was very sweet to show me my two little tiny sample of my kidney tissue, in my heart I was saying "Huh, so small only ka?" - Yes, very very very tiny bits, maybe 1/3 size of a grain of rice!

Right after the procedure, to lie on your back with added pressure on that particular spot for 6 hours, of course you need to urinate too to ensure no abnormal bleeding, thus me going home the next day (today) by noon!

Thank you GOD for all passionate angels (nurses, doctors, not-so-nice-doctors-who-treated-me-invisibly, friends, cleaners, the guy/gal who delivers our "makan")

Now is the dreadful wait - a month before I can finally know what's wrong - till then, I'm going to eat, although I have to say - my appetite is not back yet, I still feel nauseous at times.

Hubby has grounded me - I am not allowed to go anywhere further than our gate - except throwing rubbish ... hmmmmm - mind u, we have very small home, from front door to our gate is less than er ... 20ft?


Blackie007 said...

Awww....wish I had known. I was there yesterday afternoon with my mum. I would have visited you. Am glad the biopsy procedure went smoothly. {{{hugs}}}

Watierman, rmanbkr said...

Well Sis am glad that everything went well...and you are back home again! Take care dear....!

sI tEDI said...

hye sis,

semuanya berjalan lancar!

sis, dari pintu ke luar pagar ke dalam pagar jek?

kalau keluar dari gate itu kira jauh sikit lah berbanding dari dalam pagar je... eh eh he he
take care..