Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unable to receive / send MMS via Maxis.

This serves as a note to myself and any MAXIS customer who has problem receiving and sending MMS, also getting error like "Packet Data : Connection Not Allowed".

MAXIS customer service 123 sucks big time, all they can do is to send you the settings over and over again and tells you to go to the nearest MAXIS center to get your SIM CARD checked. They are like ROBOTS, worst than ROBOTS, at least ROBOTS has a logical sequential answers to possible "if", "then" scenarios - these human robots would easily brush off any problem by saying "IT IS THE SIM CARD" and expect us to lie to our boss and take a couple hours to make it to MAXIS CENTRES???!!? F*****

To those who has been struggling with problem sending or receiving MMS or browsing the web, please try the following steps (sorry, it is based on a NOKIA phone) :-

Thanks to :-

1.Press menu key.
2.Go to Tools > Setting > Connection
3.Scroll to the last one or just press up key. You will see APN control. A pop up message will appear “Connection restriction….”
4.Press Option > Deactivate Restriction.
5.PIN2 is 1234.
6.When it’s says deactivated/inactive, restart your phone.
7.Turn on again, surf the net now.

AND to those who still can't receive MMS after the steps above, try sending out MMS from your handphone. It seems like you need to send out first MMS from your phone before you can receive. Don't know why ...

Problems still, wooo hooo hooo ... GO TO MAXIS CENTER!


MeRy said...

poor service..

Old Kitty said...

Although I haven't a clue what MMS is or who Maxis is/are I do understand the frustration when ringing call centres.

p.s. I don't have a mobile phone! LOL! Really!

I think nowadays people are lucky to get human beings answering the call. These days it's really all press this number if you want a,b,c,d,etc. only to have more choices after.

Oh dear! Well done with finding the solution yourself though - that's the one good thing about the internet - the information is there on the web!!

And I wouldn't have found you without it!


take care

shoshana said...

I don't have your service provier - but mine did that to me today too! Half way around the world and we're connected through not-great health and not-great service. Keep your chin up!

lupie said...

Mery - Yes, I was very disappointed, there's not a slightest passion in them to walk an extra mile to help a customer in need!

Old Kitty - No HP? This is 2010, right? Heheheheheh - Still can't believe you have no mobile phone!!! Well, at least you have internet and we found one another! That's sweet!

Shoshana - Oh dear! Don't tell me "bad service" is a world epidemic now?????
You too! Take care!