Saturday, May 08, 2010

Lucky and GREENIES ...

First of all, Meowmmy needs deodorant .. lucky thing for the collar.

Secondly, I unintentionally "clawed" Meowmmy this morning ... ooppss sorry
(my work of art is quite obvious in photo below, see, look closely on her hand, little red line, "clawed" to perfection...)

Meommy bought me GREENIES - she said I have bad breath! Who is she kidding! She needs deodorant more than me needing GREENIES, anyway, I like GREENIES.

That's TIGER, who don't like GREENIES..

This is LUCKY on Meowmmy's lap....

Meowmmy plans to send LUCKY for surgery next week. She is still trying to work out which day as she has to go see kidney doc too.

LUCKY will keep everyone posted!!!!


Milton said...

Ah, good luck to you both. Those Greenies er, look rather tasty. We don't have them here in Scotland. My treat of choice is Dreamies.

Milt xx

meowwmania said...

luv u always LUCKY

smoga sihat slalu

muaahh! ;)

sI tEDI said...

kaki dia pun di kerat!! :(

semoga luckt selamat bawah jagaan kamu sis..

be strong my lovely lucky!!

lupie said...

Milt - Dreamies... sounds yummy... do they make you go "high" on sweet dreams? :)

Meowmania - Thanks for your constant "love" to LUCKY, sekejap lagi mengada la dier tu...

Sis Tedi - :) Lucky will be strong!

Old Kitty said...

Oh Bin and Lucky!!!

You two are made for each other! Greenies sound yummy and good for Lucky.

I'm sure you both have the aroma of crushed roses and lavender petals!

Great to meet Tiger!!

Please take care Bin and Lucky and all the other kitties. Me and Charlie are purring that you both are on the road to staying and keeping healthy.

Please keep taking the meds and have lots of rest too.

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend.

The Chair Speaks said...

Lucky to the vet next week? Am probably going this week. Anyway all the best to Lucky! :)

lupie said...


This week? It is already Saturday la? You going tomorrow?

Lucky is on antibiotic for a week before they can attempt surgery.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We loved to see Lucky perched on your knee - she looks very happy and settled with you. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Marg said...

Lucky you sure are looking very happy. Glad you got to go outside for a little while. We will be purring and praying next week for you and the surgery. Hope you do something special for that special Mom that you have. Tell her thanks so much for taking you in. Happy Mothers day Mom.

Jacqueline said...

The day you found Lucky was the best day of his life; you have touched my heart so much with your care of this sweet baby...I will continue to keep both of you in my prayers everyday...Happy Mother's Day sweet, wonderful, loving Bin; anyone would be lucky to have a Mom like you...Blessings of love and comfort to you both.

Daisy said...

Lucky, I am glad you got some yummy Greenies!

prince n princess mum said...

Cute little lucky!

Ginger Jasper said...

Thank you for visiting me. I will so have to catch up and see what has been happening here. Looks like we have a special lady and special kitties. Hugs GJ x

Anya said...

Oh oh oh...
You are so sweet for Lucky
I will think of him and pray for him ......
Please put up dates !!!!!

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)

Pierro said...

Hi Lupie and Lucky. I am glad your mom will get her cough checked. My mom is an olde nurse and she says that coughing means your body is not agreeing with the medication.
Mom says your doctor can try another "pill" there are many out there. Well, constant coughing can eventually lead to a chronic condition and then you are tired all the time and when you do any exertion you can get so tired... that is not good, and certainly if a pill is causing it!
Lucky, I think you fell into the hands of an angel.
You and I will always be friends!

bonkie bonk

Katnip Lounge said...

We came over to see how you're doing and to wish your Angel of a Mommy a Very Happy Mother's Day from all 12 of us and our Mommy. Were keeping you and your Mom in our purrayers.
You're looking pretty good; we hope the surgery this week goes off without a hitch.
Greenies rock! YUM!

ABBY said...

We know you are happily celebrating today as a special Mother's Day! We are glad to hear you are going in next week and we will keep you and your Mom in our purrs as you both do battle -- which we know you will overcome!


Kea said...

I saw that Old Kitty has a photo of Lucky on her blog now, with a note asking for help. I've done the same, taken one of Lucky's photos and added it to my cat blog, requesting assistance and linking to your blog, of course. I should have asked first, about taking the photo. If you'd rather I didn't have Lucky's picture and plea for help on my blog, just email me at If you want to check my blog site first, it's at

Fingers and paws crossed for him!