Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LUCKY goes to the VET ..

Lucky : Good Morning Everyone - Today's de Day..

Aaahhh ... my morning stretching exercise.

Darkie : Hey, I heard you are going IN today to get your tail fixed.
Lucky : Yeah, I am worried. I might not have any left.
Darkie : I am not worry about your tail, just that, sometimes, "other" things get removed.
Lucky : Huh? What other things?
Darkie : Some "two" other things.... sigh, I lost mine not too long ago... sigh...

Darkie : Meowmmy should I tell Lucky about the "two" other things?
Meowmmy : Shhhh...shhhh.....

Lucky : Meowmmy you need pedicure!

Lucky : I guess this is it! Time to be a big brave boy! Wish me loads of meow luckss!


Cat : The doctor will be right with you shortly.

Lucky is now at the clinic, overnight and ready for surgery tomorrow morning!
Please send healing purrs, blessings, prayers that everything goes on well tomorrow for LUCKY

Love, Lucky & Lupie 


Daisy said...

Good luck, Lucky! I am purring for you!

ps: You do not need those "two other things" anyway.

meowwmania said...

gud luck for LUCKY ;)

smoga Allah melindungi LUCKY dan mummy LUCKY yg baik hati amin...

The Chair Speaks said...

Don't worry Lucky, you are in good hands and you won't feel a thing. They do a good neat job.
LOL! That receptionist at the counter is a girl! LOL! Looks like she had her bath. The other day when she hadn't had her bath and was rather dirty, she had her fat rump stamped and signed. LOL!
Won't be going to the vet. Postponed.

Old Kitty said...

Oh Lucky you are so so so gorgeous!! Me and Charlie just love your orange eyes - they are beautiful!

And don't you worry about the other things that the lovely and sweet Darkie is referring to..!! If you don't know, you won't miss them, honest!! Charlie agrees!! LOL!

And what a handsome receptionist! You are in good and safe hands Lucky. Me and Charlie are purring, purring, purring loud and clear for you to be ok!!!

And for your beautiful meowmy too (feet and all!!). We send her tons of healing hugs and lots of good and happy thoughts!!

Take care Lucky, Meowmy, Darkie and handsome receptionist!! Purrs, purrs, purrs!

Blackie007 said...

Good luck, Lucky. It'll be ok, and you'll be back home with your meowmmy in no time.

I also have a stray cat waiting for surgery, right now in the vet's. He lost one eye, and the vet will perform a surgery to clean out the remaining bits, then stitch it up. Sent him to the clinic today, surgery on Thursday, hopefully can collect him on Friday.

Please pray for him....I've named him Selayang.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Lucky - we hope everything will go well at the v-e-t place. If you didn't know about the two other things Darkie mentioned you won't miss them when they've gone. Ask your new Mom to let us know how you are.

umi_e said...

Dear Lucky... Don't worry... everything will be fine... we will pray and purr for you...

Take care


* Meowmmy... sms me whenever you are free ;) Thanks

Katnip Lounge said...

After today you'll be a little sore but truly on the road to good health and happiness.

It doesn't matter about the tail or other bits, what matters is your great spirit!

48 paws crossed here for you and your Mommy!

xx Lounge Kats

Junior and Orion said...

We will be purring for Lucky today. We just left you a little money!

Jacqueline said...

Good luck sweet handsome Lucky; we will pray and purr loudly for you to recover quickly from your surgery...Your spirit is incredible and you are so loved now...Blessings to Lucky and Bin always...I've posted a link on my blog asking for donations for Lucky's surgery.

Marg said...

Lucky those are fantastic pictures of you.
We are sending you tons and tons of purrs and prayers that everything goes well for you today. We also are sending woofs from the 2 dogs, HeeHaws from the 2 donkeys, and a Baa from the Goat. They are thinking good thoughts for all to go well.
Have a fine day.

Kea said...

Oh, yes, purrs, prayers and healing Light for Lucky! Universal blessings to you both! Good luck, good luck, good luck! Let us know as soon as you can, how Lucky is doing!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh we are sending lots of purrs and prayers for Lucky but we know that everything will go well - we just have that feeling that he is blessed to be, well, Lucky!

Lucy the Cat said...

I'll be praying for you, Lucky! Please let us know how it goes. You have a great mom!

Cazzycazz said...

Lupie dear, I got so shocked n speechless when I found out bout Lucky.... At 1st it was Selayang and now Lucky? Why on earth ppl would perform such cruel act on our four legged friends? I'm really dissapointed wt my own kind, but also glad to know tht there r still many good hearted ppl around to help.....

It hate to say 'no pain no gain' applies to Lucky, but I seriously think this is too much pain for a poor soul like Lucky to gain a lil love n comfort. It remains me of my Nisha gal, thoughnshe lost a paw but kept her tail. It took her a paw to be able to find me n Dav in exchange for love & buffet meal.... Not fair isn't it?