Monday, July 05, 2010

Faith ... Prayers ...

What is faith,
What are prayers?
Do we pray when we are in need?
Do we give thanks in our prayers?

How often do we light a candle for another,
How often do we light a candle when we are happy?
How often do we practice selflessness?

The above photo is the interior of St. Mary's Church, Oxford.
It is beautiful, peaceful.

As I was walking around the exterior of St. Mary's Church, I couldn't help but noticed prayers / blessed strings tied to a tree outside the church. It makes me wonder how far these holy strings have travelled and how much they had blessed those who wore it ..

In Buddhism, holy items when no longer in used are to be "returned" to nature, therefore, as you can see, prayers strings are tied to trees, as high as one can get.

Sometimes, holy items are "returned" via fire (i.e. burning), with a chant of "AUM".


Oh Lord, tame my mind, show me the right path for sometimes, I stray and get lost (seriously!).
I thank you for your guidance but please guide me further.
Let me love unconditionally.
Let me hold no hatred but love for others.



Katnip Lounge said...

Suprisingly (or maybe not) I often find inner peace by emulating my Cats and living in the moment, enjoying nothing but the NOW.

Being sentient is over rated, sometimes!

xx MomKat Trish

Au and Target said...

I'm with the cats at Katnip Lounge. And for real relaxation: a swim!

The Chair Speaks said...

May you be well and happy!

Kea said...

That's a lovely post!

I find peace and sacredness/holiness in Nature, in trees, the earth, the sky and stars....That, to me, is a prayer.

And even though I really don't believe in a personal deity, I do start my day by thanking the universe/impersonal creative force/whatever for the gift of another day. I also do ask the universe, often, for Mercy for the suffering of All Beings...but that prayer seems to be mostly ignored.

Brian said...

That really is a beautiful church!

Anonymous said...

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