Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sexy Saturday ....

Hello all,

This is Lucky, taking over from Meowmmy who has an VICKS inhaler stuck to her nose. Not a pretty sight I tell you, already her nose is kind of big for her puffy face - so, go imagine.

Lucky is doing great, except of a little wound of me tummy - Meowmmy is applying some sort of a smelly "aryuvedic" cream on it. Gosh, it is overwhelming - the 'smell' I mean, reminds of me "smelly boy-boy" - Well, who is boy2 if you ask? It is Ginger, also known as Beckham but when mom gets very mad and yells, it is always "BOY-BOY!!" - serves him right for he is always attacking Lucky from behind!

Okay, okay - back to the topic ... obviously it is so, so, so "ME"! Besides looking sexy, Lucky has now learned the art of balancing myself and licking my "balls"!! So, it is all good for Lucky.

Meowmmy, on the other hand has been coughing big time. She went to see the doc at the FEVER CENTRE (again) on Monday. Apart from blood test, they did an X-ray. It came back to be slightly "unclear", so Mom is now on a more powerful antibiotic (cerufoxime axetil) and asthma tablets (salbutamol). She said this time, she is at a record high of pills taken in one day!

white : cerufoxime axetil 125mg / red : salbutamol

Mom is having heart palpitation, tremors (yeah, she rocks!) and muscle spasm - all the common side effects of salbutamol. 

Two days ago, she discovered a tongue ulcer, so she now talks very funny - almost like a cat. :)

Is mom better? Well, she is still coughing although not that much but she has phlegm all the time, sometimes it gets hard to breath, especially when she is asleep, it startles her when she can't breath - so the VICKS inhaler is always by her bedside.

Lucky hope Mom is not having asthma, I hope Mom's just purring in her own way.


Kea said...

Lucky, it's great to see you and we're delighted that you've learned to balance to er, lick yourself. LOL!

But we're not so happy to read that your mom is sick and we're sending her lots of purrs and universal healing Light, hoping she gets better very SOON!

P.S. We sent your mom a thank you card for the donation, ages ago now, to the address she had with PayPal. We don't know if the card ever made it, so sorry if it didn't!

The Chair Speaks said...

Hey Lucky, you are looking good!

Had bad ulcers in tongue and mouth at one time of my life. It got worse after taking some pills the doctor gave. Luckily we discovered that I am allergic to some component in one of the pills given, the very same component in the food I ate.

Do keep a positive outlook!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We are so relieved to hear you can balance and wash your (lowers meow and whispers) balls - btw do they bounce when you lick them??

We are sorry to hear that your mom is still not feeling well - even more pills to take - is she starting to rattle when she moves round?

We hope these new tablets make her feel much better.

Old Kitty said...

Oh sweet Lucky!!! Please please take care of your lovely mum who is also taking care of you! :-)

It's so good to see you getting used to balancing so you could give yourself an all over wash! Ahem.

But your poor mum! Me and Charlie are so sad to hear she is all ill and not being so well. My goodness what a trouper!! We are lighting a candle for her in our hearts so she'd feel strong and well enough soon. We hope she finds her inner strength to beat these illnesses - it's enough that she has to contend with her lupus - she doesn;t need any more side effects!

Go Bin!!!! And stay with her Lucky and give her lots of luck!!
p.s. hugs to Ginger Beckham!!!! Awww he loves your really Lucky!! He wants to be your best friend!

Take care

Brian said...

Looking good there Lucky and we're sending purrs to your Mom!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Lucky, we have missed you and are so glad you are learning to balance well enough to wash your balls, sweet boy :)...You have grown into such a handsome, sexy mancat and we are so glad to see you again!...We are sorry to hear your Mom is sick again and hope her new meds will soon provide some relief without the inital, terrible side effects=those can make you as miserable as the original symptoms...Sending her loud purrs, crossing our paws and keeping her in our prayers for a quick recovery; be sure to give her lots of extra cuddles and kisses, gorgeous sweetheart...Kitty kisses to you, sexy boy friend and big hugs to your kind hearted, loving Mom...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Katnip Lounge said...

How "thrilling" to be able to wash ALL your bits and pieces...MOL!

Take good care of yourself and your Mummy. Hold your little nose holes shut and cuddle up next to her and deliver some BIG healing purrs.

Bin, I'm praying for you and the Horde has you on their HUGE PURR list. We hope you feel better, and soon! Sick is No Fun.

Ginger Jasper said...

Hello my lovely friend. I am so pleased to see you and am glad you are doing well. It is good you have learnt to balance and do what comes naturaly. lol. Sorry to hear your mum s not well. I am sending you some loud rumbly purrs and hope they help your mum. Take care lovely boy and take care of our mum.. Hugs GJ xx

Au and Target said...

You look and sound great but that mummy needs some healing purrs. you're on it, right?

Bear's Meowmy said...

Dear pretty kitty,

We hopes your momma gets well soon, being sick iz no fun!

-Bear & Amelia

Marg said...

Lucky you are looking so good thanks to that wonderful Mom of yours. We sure hate to hear that Mom is sick. We sure hope she can get better soon.Give her lots of purrs Lucky and hugs too. Sure glad to hear you can lick all your parts now. That is really important.

ABBY said...

We were so glad to see how well and mancat strong you are. You need now to help take care of your Mom. We are sending our healing purrs to her and hope she feels so much better very soon.



renaye said...

u have 12 cats?! wah lau!!! no wonder ur job title says u r a full time cat slave!!

anyways, i'm sorry to hear about your medical condition. i know there's a NGO associated with SLE. have u visited there for social support?

Junior and Orion said...

Hi sweet Lucky! Good to see you!!! We are sorry you keep getting attacked by that other kitty, but we are glad your Mom is there to help you.

Speaking of your Mom, we are soory she is having a rough spell. We will keep purring for her to get all better quickly!