Sunday, October 10, 2010

Astrological Weight At Birth

Today, I thought I'd share something "Chinese" with my wonderful friends.
Well, "weight" in the context of "Chinese Astrological Weight", is not in metric but in old Chinese measurement like liang and chin, sort of like kg and gm.
The common understanding - the heavier, the better!!! 

Chinese (at least most of them) believes that when a baby is born, based on their date and time of birth, the astrologer can predict baby's life fortune. From thereon, the parents would then try to "balance" the elements to benefit the future of their little ones.

Here's the snapshot of my "weight" and future as predicted.

I am 2 liang, 9 chin - not a heavyweight.

It says :-

Although good fortune will not be with you in the early years of your life, fame and recognition is waiting ahead. Be patient and you will attain these after the age of forty years. Your luck will be enhanced when you cross oceans and waters, so if you are thinking of migrating, it may be a good idea. Migrating and changing your name will bring you success. To increase your recognition luck, place a 
victory horse in the South sector and get a red wish-fulfilling jewel to place on your desk.

After the age of forty? In the wrong country? Hmm ..

Oh well my friends, if you would like to check out your "weight", please click link below :-

Remember, just for FUN!
See if you can relate to it!


Katnip Lounge said...

I was 4 liang, 2 chin. I also had to wait until 40 to obtain my good luck. Dang good thing I'm 47! Now all I need to do is plant an apple tree and I'm all set for success!

Kea said...

I'm 3 liang and 2 chin.

"In the early part of your life, you face some difficulties. But rest assured that wealth flows in like water later on. At the prime of your life, food and clothes are abundant and you shall enjoy the harvest of wealth and fame. Carry your horoscope allies and secret friend on your body to help you during difficult times."

I'm 46. Wealth--in terms of money, of being able to pay bills and be financially secure--has not yet arrived. It's flowing OUT, not in. But I do have an abundance of food, the starchy, not-good-for-me kind, and an abundance of second hand clothes! I guess that counts!

As for carrying my horoscope allies and secret friend on my body...What, I need MORE weight on my 5' 3" frame? LOL!!!

Lucy the Cat said...

I wonder if a 3-legged cat would work instead of a toad. I have one of those. Too fun.

p.s. I love Lucky's sexy leg in yesterday's post! :)

You live a full life and you will never be deprived of anything. You are someone who needs to take charge of everything you do. There will be challenges to face in your early years, but there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy life at a later age. To increase your wealth luck, place a 3-legged toad (facing the door) at a diagonal position from the main door.

Old Kitty said...

Oh!! I'm the same as Lucy the Cat!!

I also need a three legged toad!
:-) Oh this is a great site - I'm gonna do everyone I know now!

Please don't change your name Bin!! Oh I just saw your update - you're feeling feverish?? Oh Bin, please take care! Rest and take care! Hugs!


Brian said...

I am 48 kibble, 2 nip! That can't be right!

Jacqueline said...

I like Brian's fortune :)!!...Hope you are feeling better, Bin and can get some rest this weekend...Sending love and hugs, sweetie.

Au and Target said...

I've got 2 results!

ON your site I'm 4 liang.... "It is much better if you migrate from your country or live apart from your parents. Because then you will be able to enjoy food, clothing and riches in abundance. Although your family mean well, they have the tendency to hold you back and to stunt your potential to succeed. Upon reaching middle age, your life will become more stable. Place Laughing Buddha holding a gold ingot in your hall to bring you good fortune luck. "

Hmm, still, they also said that according to my conception date I am a man, so I'm not going to place a lot of faith in this!

ON they said I'm 4 liang and 6 chin "A long life with wealth and luck.

You will easily make money at your homeland but you will be more successful if you migrate to another country. Fame and wealth will always with you since middle age. "

that sounds better! I'll go with this one.

lupie said...

I've tried on both websites, came back the same "weight" for myself! :)

Make sure you get the time of birth correctly .. otherwise the readings may differ!!

Still - everyone seems to be heavier than me! Muahaha - even my cats! (Of course they are, otherwise why would I be their slave!)

Again, this is just for FUN!

lupie said...

3-legged cat? Will work even better I say!!!

I've always like to think my cats "regulate the chi" at home by running around. Takes away all the stagnant energy!

Also, cats bring luck! Think of Maneki Neko!

nasi ayam said...

Wah, I got 3 liang and 3 chin, it is said that "You will face many challenges in life when you are young. But do not give up as in later years you will enjoy an abundance of good luck and wealth".
I cant wait for that good luck and wealth $$$. :D

Josie said...

I got 4 Liang and 5 Chin-
On a constant search for fame and recognition, work will dominate your life. As such, your focus may not be on your children. Place a phoenix in the South corner of your house to bring you recognition. Foster closer ties with your family by displaying a pair of rose quartz crystal balls in the Southwest corner of your home. Do not neglect your family in favour of your career or you may regret it later on.


EddyBearChew said...

me 4 liang 2 chin!