Friday, October 08, 2010

Foolish Friday

Yesterday - I posted about credit cards.

Today - I am on about my desk at work.
Foolish, feeling foolish on a Friday @ 12.39 am.

As you can see, I have a "Hello Kitty" calculator in the office. 
A glass container to store "used stapler bullets".
A Vicks Inhaler, to right of picture, half hidden.
A big black biscuit tin with all my pens, papers, scissors and blah.. blah..blah...

To the right of my desk, on top of an open cabinet.
I have a solar toy with 3 little kitties, moving their heads sideways and waving at me - a proven stress-buster.
(Even my local boss loves it!)

The little ceramic container contains chocolates and sweet, was a door gift at an ex-colleague engagement party. Of course, it is empty now.  

So, what do you think?
A pretty foolish desk eh?

Well friends (hairy, not-hairy and not-very-hairy ones), here's me saying :-

Have a Happy, Stress-Free, Foolish Friday Today!


Kea said...

Everyone could use fun and funky and sometimes foolish stuff for their desk! Especially at work. Anything to alleviate the stress or dullness or frustration, depending on one's job and/or one's mood. I like your desk! Mine is cluttered with food and dishes and teas, plus the requisite piles of paper. Nothing particularly foolish. I do, however, have a lot of cartoons and cat pics posted up around me, for cheer.

Whisppy said...

My desk is filled with animal figurines and pictures of my beloved furries!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Your desk is great - no more foolish than most I see. My desk (at work, not at home - at home it is full of crazy stuff) has a Cute Overload calendar, some cute little note holders I got for $1, there are a few XKCD comics posted around, and staring at me from below my computer monitor are two little Domo-Kun action figures (well, not really action figures - they are stuck in one pose) I got last Halloween. Oh, and with Halloween coming I need to put my gargoyle out - it is in a drawer. So see, your desk sounds perfectly normal to me! Oh, I have work stuff on my desk too (boo).

Brian said...

Hey, it's your desk! Life is too short not to have fun...even at work!

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww you have a beautiful desk at work!! The BEST!!!! Awwww such a pretty calculator and look at your gorgeous jars and kitty ornaments with their heads moving saying hello to you!!!

I want to use your desk now! I might even get some proper wokr done! LOL! Take care

Jacqueline said...

Bin, your desk is functional and fun=a great combination!...Hope you have a wonderful weekend, feel good and get plenty of rest...Kisses to your beautiful babies, hugs to you, sweet friend...J
Big hugs and lots of kisses to Lucky!!...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Au and Target said...

I think Target would like to whap those lucky nodding kitty statues...

meowwmania said...

lama tak dtg melawat kat sini, wahh sudah berwajah baru sgt shantek ;)

harap lupie dan anak-anak bulus sihat semuanya :)

p/s: sy berkenan dgn kalkulator pink itu, bole pinjam hehe..

Anonymous said...

Friday is almost over!

Have a great weekend!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We love your kitties sitting on your desk and your calculator looks as though it has sensibly sized keys - some of the calculators I've seen have such tiny ones they are hard to use.
We love your desk and all its buts and pieces make it personal.
One question - where is your work in progress - on the floor?

lupie said...

Hehehe - my work-in-progress?
Heheheh - in the shredder!
Just joking laaa....

Thanks all for making me feel happy today! :)

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi Lupie,
Gee's I haven't worked at a paying job in so many years I can't remember!!!! I am as old as my dog!! lol When I did work my desk had no fun things on it just lots of work that I needed to do and work that was done but not filed yet. I did take my dog to work with me tho.
I was reading your profile and you spoke of sausage fingers. I can't control my fingers good any more. I use to sew a lot and I don't much any more b/c of my fingers. They just don't work good any more!!!!!
Loved your comment, thank-you!!!!
Come again.
XXOO, Bambi & Fern