Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am CRAP.

I feel like crap.
Serious crap.
CRAP not CRAB - though I love to eat the latter.
I have headache, my body ache and my brain is aimless.
I threw tantrums - I scream, I kick - I have this negative feeling that I need to get it out!
Crazy - I think I am turning into a CRAZY CARP, CRAB  CRAP.

Not so long ago - when I saw the MO at the hospital, I was complaining about insomnia and that I am very sensitive to sound, he then asked "Are you hearing voices? "

Hmmmm ... SPOOKY CRAP.


Kea said...

If you're having auditory hallucinations, it could be a sign of schizophrenia. Though usually the onset is when one is younger, in teens or perhaps early 20s, to the best of my knowledge. Presumably that's why the MO asked!

But I don't think it likely that you're schizophrenic or anything else, just tired and stressed and tired and oh, did I suggest tired?

Lots of hugs and healing Light!

Old Kitty said...

Oh Bin!!!! You're tired and extremely exhausted. Of course you are feeling crappy and cranky -you've got insomnia. And you're still unwell!

You must let it all out, seriously!! If you must rant and rave then do so - please don;t keep things in - it'll get worse if you do. :-)

Oh and if you were turning into a crab, just think - crabs always go on the defensive when under attack and they fight, fight, fight!! And sometimes they win!

Big big hugs!! Please please take care

Pierro said...

BIGBIG squeeeeezy (((hugs)))
I will purr for you.
bouts of insomnia are common, but that is probably why you feel lousy.
Can you go for a walk every day, or just try some relaxation on the couch with eyes closed - kind of like what we kitties do. Have you tried purring?
Please take good care of yourself because we love you bunches

bonks and bronks

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Bin. It sounds like you are just really exhausted. I know that if you don't get enough sleep it makes your brain play tricks on you - that could be why your doctor asked if you were hearing things. Lack of sleep messes with everything - mind and body. And it sounds like you need to get some of that frustrated energy out too - I get that where I just need to punch something - I use a nice pillow (like a sofa cushion). That helps a lot to get some of that bad energy out. Sending you hugs and purrs!

Katnip Lounge said...

Oh Bin, I agree! You need sleep. Can you take anything to help you sleep or is that out with lupus?

I've had bouts of insomnia and they are awful. Getting a walk in the afternoon helps me; time to clear my head and make some endorphins.

Take care and make some time for yourself to just unwind.

xx Trish

Mr Puddy said...

Mom Trish gave you a really good advice ! You should try !

Please take care

Keiko said...

Hi Bin, we are thinking of you. Some days can be really tough through sickness and it is hard but we think it's important to get it out.

I have been told for my chronic fatigue that if my body is crashing, I just need to let it, but I keep fighting and it gets me very negative... but that negative thinking for me is harder than the actual fatigue... I have a loving family but I still feel very alone at those times.

We are here to listen and we are glad that you've posted that... not being able to sleep must be really hard - I hope there's something you can take to allow you to get some rest...

Please take care
Lots of hugs

Kas said...

Sounds like a punching bag could be handy, if not punch your pillow, then apologise to it afterwards.

Josie said...

Hugs and purrs to you from the kitty kids and myself! I feel like crap too (so tired!) we can start a Crap Club :P

Junior and Orion said...

We are sorry you are feeling so poorly. We will be purring for you!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Crap? No....must be the insomnia. WIsh I could turn you into a cat and then you'll have no trouble sleeping...coz we're born to hibernate. take care, OK? meow!

meowwmania said...

mon&min ckp: aunty lupie kena byk2 berehat dan jaga kesihatan ok, kite shayang aunty purrr....

Au and Target said...

Hmm, must have been working from his Potentially Nuts list instead of Lupus list.

Whisppy said...

Yes I am hearing voices.....and it's saying to wring your (MO) neck! LOL!
Have you tried drinking a cup of pure chamomile with some honey about 30 mins before bedtime? I know it helps my hubby with his insomnia!

GreatGranny said...

Hoping the headaches and insomnia go away.