Monday, October 04, 2010

Medical Monday

Monday - Routine Blood Test @ 8 am
(I totally hate this as I have to fast and sometimes, I'd need to wait for over an hour!)

Nicely ... this time, it clashes with my "Stitches Off" on the same day @ 8 am.

Just Great ...

I need to move my butt from one corner of the hospital to another.

Driving to the hospital takes 45 min to an hour depending on traffic.
Of course, Monday's traffic is maniac. So I'd probably need to start very early.
Plus, my 14 year-old car don't run very fast.

P:S: Kura-Kura = Tortoise ... you do get what my car is capable of ... ROAD HOGGING!


P:SS: Almost similar except for nipples count!


Kea said...

Oh, good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly--more smoothly than you are expecting.

Love the pic of the "road hog," and the "almost similar except for the nipple count!" LOL!!! Hopefully your car will get you safely from point A to point B -- that's the most important thing!

Old Kitty said...

Oh Bin - you're not driving yourself are you?!?!!? But you're fasting and you've stitches!!! If you are driving then please please take care and hog that road however you want to!! You just get yourself safely to the hospital!
GOOD LUCK with both 8am appts. No rushing about - just steady, steady steady!

Take care and do let us know how you are later!!! Please please be careful!


Katnip Lounge said...

OMG! I just about died laughing at the "nipple count"!!!
Bin, you are too funny. No wonder Lucky adopted you.
Best of luck at the hospital (and getting there) and I hope you get in & out quickly.
MomKat Trish xx

Au and Target said...

Hope there is no traffic, everyone's on time and it all goes smoothly.

meowwmania said...

kura-kura on board?? lol :D

Blackie007 said...

LOL at the last photo!!!!!

The Chair Speaks said...

Don't give a hoot at drivers who hoot at you. Be like me, drive slow.

Though my blood pressure is good for my age, it goes up during my appointment at the HUKM hospital where I have to park my old tanker some distance and walk in the hot sun. Waiting for your turn to see the doctor is also of no help.

Brian said...

I hope all of your tests come out just fine!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hope everythin runs smoothly at the hospital and you get to both appointments at the right time.
We love the road hog!!

Ginger Jasper said...

Bin, you drive as slow as you like and dont worry about those behind you. I hope you got to both appointments ok and that aall was well.. You ake care.. Love GJ and Carol xx

Anonymous said...

U're slow, but u still leading at the front rite?

I want to get that sticker for my mom!

Whisppy said...

WHERE did you get that kura kura on board? It's so funny!
I hope your hospital visit goes smoothly!