Monday, November 15, 2010

Medical Monday : Otolaryngology (the ENT Doc) & Ophthalmology (the EYE Doc)

That's the interesting about having lupus.
You learn to spell Otolarynogoologylogy
and Ophthomalmology ..
(Maybe not ..)

Today, I get to see doctors from the above two specialties!
Oto = Ear, Nose, Throat
Oph = The "Eye" Doctor

The "Eye" doctor is what I see on a yearly basis.
It is to monitor for "Plaquenil Toxicity" towards the eyes.
What is Plaquenil? 
It is anti-malarial that I take on a daily basis.
I've seen the "Eye" doctor a couple of times, and was expecting "ok", "clear",
instead, she said something that now bugs me.

"Oh.. there's signs of early formation of cataract"
One of the very common side effects of long-term use of steroid (prednisolone), other than looking like a hairy female gorilla.

"Cataracts – Steroid therapy can cause cataracts. People usually notice glare which progresses to blurry vision. It may seem as if your glasses are not working properly. Night vision may also be reduced. The first sign of glare is difficulty driving into the sunset or difficulty with reflections from headlights on rainy nights."

Now I understand why I can't stand driving at night!

Anyway - at this point of time, there's nothing to worry about until I see some "floating dots, specks" or experience pain in me eyes. So, to see EYE doc next year!

The highlight of today is the ENT doctor, in my case, I complained about my blocked, very dry nose, which is now not very dry anymore as body will attempt to heal itself! Should have checked me 3-4 weeks ago when my nostril was like a dry desert, a flick of the lighter, my nostril hair will burn!

Well, I don't like the idea of having "doctor" look into my nostril, that's exactly what happened!
And, to put my nostril to further test, after some spray to numb me two nostrils, a little camera went all the way through my nostril and there you have it, on the screen, image of my nostril hair - MONSTER NOSTRIL HAIR. I didn't want to look.

Was happy to hear them say, "Oh, there's no growth".

The doctor gave me some allergic pills, nasal spray and vaseline.
Good enough.

I thought of approaching the Nephro today about my sudden dip in WBC, I didn't.
I'm hoping it will regularised itself somehow before my next visit to see them end of first week December.

Wish me luck.

P:S: Oh ya, while having dinner at a restaurant tonight, I saw a cute guy, got too excited and hit my head on the beam behind me. Bugger.


Kea said...

Ugh, cataracts! My mom had both eyes done last winter/spring. I tend to think of it as an older person's issue, but of course drugs will cause side effects.

I'd have put up with the blocked nose, rather than have a tiny camera inserted, thanks very much. I have year-round allergies anyway, including to cats, so have lost my sense of smell and always am congested. But NO ONE is coming near my nostrils! LOL!

And--sorry--but I chuckled over the the cute guy/hitting your head thing.

Katnip Lounge said...

I have seen those Monster Nostril Hairs! I went with Hubby to his ENT appointment after his nasal surgery and he couldn't drive. Talk about ENORMOUS!

Hey, at least your eyes are still good enough to spot a cute guy!

Old Kitty said...

Oh Bin!!! Your eyes!!! Oh dear!!! let's hope you won't be seeing any specks or feel pain!! Fingers crossed!!

I'm sure your nostril was the prettiest nostril that the ENT doc looked at today!!! :-) Yay that it's good news for your nostril!!!!

Cute guys are a health hazard and should come with a government health warning! :-) Take care

Au and Target said...

it sounds bad so I shall put on my Indonesian hat and try to look at the best perspective: on the plus side a little bit of hazy sight gives you that soft focus look. And they can be fixed, right?

meowwmania said...

Mon&Min doakan aunty lupie baik-baik saja, smoga mata aunty akan bertambah pulih :)

psssttt....siapakah jejaka cute itu? *mummy Mon&Min soh kem salam :D

Fin said...

Mom had to take that medicine for awhile, they were sure she had Lupus when she first got sick. It turned out to be autoimmune chronic urticaria (hives) which she gets in her joints too. She has had hives almost everyday for the last 20 years. She is weird.

Sorry you have to deal with this illness. Purrs you feel good!

Josie said...

I'll bet your nostril hair is beautiful :) (I hate mine also). My sinuses are acting up tonight due to my front end manager on a dusting kick! My throat hurts from the draining. :( So I'm going to shoot myself up with my sinus spray and go to bed!
I'm sorry about the cataracts. My one grandma had surgery and it went well, the other passed before she had to have it. My vision is naturally terrible, I could only hope I won't have to deal with all the other un-fun stuff. >.<

Karen Jo said...

I am sorry about the possible cataract. I have that condition, too, but it is just due to age. I sympathize with the nose. My nose is constantly stuffy due to my many pollen allergies. I wish you all the best.

Anji said...

Just when you want to impress, you bang your head. I had my eyes checked in September, no cataracts just scarring from conjunctivitus when I was a child.

Hope the spray works - take care

lupie said...

Thank you my wonderful friends for the nicey comments!

My eyes are okay - just signs of early formation of cataract! Still good to spot cute guys!

Caught a 'little cold bug' Monday - so, not feeling really super today.

Ramblingon said...

This is the Admiral's mommy. I was doing my own blog after helping her with hers earlier, and was going through my dashboard and saw your blog. Usually the Admiral comes to see you but today it will be me, and she says to give you her love.

Hey., seeing the cute guy was a great end to the day! I love seeing cute guys whether they are older or younger than me. All's the better. I like to flirt a little bit.

Your eyes will stay steady and alright for a long time, my friend.

I didn't know Lucky needed help. I just noticed what he got into his money box. Thank goodness all is well now. Much love to him and hugs to you from me and the Admiral. ♥♥♥♥

cazzycazz said...

Lupie dear, got hit by the head isn't too bad if it's a really cute guy! If got hit then later to find out it's an ugly 1, then really not worth it loh!! Hehehehe.....Hugz

Blackie007 said...

Haha, I once reversed into a wall becos I was watching a cute guy walking past my car in a car park. That was an expensive cuci mata experience!

But do watch your step, though. My eye check-up is 4 Jan next year. I started seeing floaters and lightning flashes after I bumped my head real hard on the underneath of my bathroom sink, and before that, the bonnet of my car fell on me, both on roughly the same spot. It can cause serious damage to the eye.

JamieDedes said...

Oh my goodness, I have been on prednisone for eleven years now. I sympathize with you predicament. Hairy gorilla indeed! But we're still here. That's what counts.

I had the cataract surgery done last year. Much better now.

Good luck with all.

Jamie and Gypsy