Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Borderline WBC, RBC, Hb and Potassium (need bananas!).
How nice...
Just like a drama, suspense to see what happen next.
Still, doc @ Nephro thinks I am doing well.
I think I am doing well.
So two think the same, I must be doing well.

This time, the doc reminds me of a version of Dr. Chase (in the HOUSE series).
Nicey chap.
Told him I've been feeling light-headedness lately, then, heart palpitation issue came into the picture.
I've been having racing pulse and tremors for as long as I remember after being diagnosed.
Tested for Thyroid several times but results came back normal.
I guess it is just 'idiopathic' - you know for an idiot like me.

Well, nicey doctor ordered ECG that came back with the word "borderline abnormal". He reviewed and said it is normal. He must be right. Machine sucks. Just like BMI calculation that puts me borderline obese!

Ahhh ... I will survive after all.


Old Kitty said...

Oh Bin!! that's good news right!?!?!?!? Oh but your palpitations and tremors!! Good grief. (Could be because of the Nice Dr Chase Lookalike?!!?)!!

But seriously!!!! Please survive!!!!

Take care

Kea said...

Borderline surely must be better than over the line!

Lots of (((hugs))) and healing Light, Bin.

Brian said...

I agree with Kea!