Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thoughtful Tuesday : 3 days 14 hours to 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday indeed.
Though I don't celebrate Christmas,
Still, the Thoughtfulness that came along these cards,
Make me sing in me heart,
2010 wasn't great,
But, these cards gave me reason to smile.


cazzycaz said...

Fuyoh, 1st to comment!! Good morning Lupie & kids!! 2011 is gonna be better!! Yeah! So cute la the card, heart also melted :P Hugz

OKcats said...

We're glad you enjoyed the cards you received for the love that was intended, no matter the holiday or religion behind them. That's a message we should all learn from! We hope that 2011 is a much better year for you!!

Purrs and Hugs, Fuzzy and Zoe

Katnip Lounge said...

We second the OKcats! Here's to a new year, and a good one, too.

Mr Puddy said...

Nothing last long forever 2010 will say goodbye so soon.
Me and my mom hope 2011 will be the best year for you : )

Kea said...

Two quotes that get me through a lot: "This, too, shall pass" -- which I grew up with Mom saying over and over. And "The darkest day lived till tomorrow will have passed away." Cowper, if I recall correctly.

The trouble is, one dark day...month...year can be followed by many more. Decades more. LOL.

The only thing we can do is seize the happy moments and days, because that's all any of us has. So for 2011 I wish you an abundance of happy moments and days, I wish you peace, health, laughter, love and joy.

(((Hugs))) and Light.

Old Kitty said...

Awww lovely Bin!! I think you did amazingly this past year!! You achieved so much despite and inspite of your illness. You saved Lucky! You travelled to see your beautiful nephew! You showed them at work! And I so look forward to reading your blog! You have a heart as big as the universe! You always find humour during your dark days and you always always never give up and let your illness win!

I think your 2011 will be even more incredible! Take care

Hannah and Lucy said...

Turn your back on the old year and look forward to a bright new one Bin - only remember the good things and try to be positive.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

We are sorry it was a crummy year for you but there were some good things we know - Lucky for one! We all hope that next year will be a very good one for you!!

Caren Gittleman said...

those cards ARE wonderful!
I don't celebrate Christmas either (I am Jewish) but I DO SO LOVE the songs, decorations and spirit that are tied to Christmas. I can't help but get caught up in the "spirit"

2010 wasn't a super great year here either but you must always keep faith that life can change in an instant and value all of our days!!

Here's hoping that 2011 treats everyone kindly!!