Friday, May 06, 2011

Mr "Do"

Meet, Mr. Do. & Silvervine Leaves.

Mr. Do : What? Me, high on weeds? Never!


Mr. Do is one of the four kittens a mother cat brought to our house.
Their mom has been out of sight for months now.
Mr. Re (with one cloudy eye) has gone missing too.

Cutie, Do and Mi are always trying to trip me on our very small front porch.
Besides them, we have got 3 retired, much seasoned "CATsanova", fighting, screaming their lungs off at feeding time.
Of course, Parsley and Tiger, who have both decided to live outdoor.
Darkie has moved indoor as he is kind of weak for wild.
Pls send purrs for Darkie (aka Kiki)!



Kea said...

Mr. Do is a very handsome house "panther!" :-)

Purrs from us and Light from the mom for Darkie.

The mom has 2 outdoor kitties now too (well, one is a stray/was abandoned over a year ago and the other is the neighbour's cat). Both "scream" at her for food and attention. It's drama every day on our front door step. The stray is at a local vet right now, being neutered at last. (The mom got him yesterday afternoon, 3 tries and 2 carriers. LOL.)

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh Mr. Do is just such a cutie! That face is adorable!

And we will send lots of purrs and prayers to Darkie to feel better.

We don't have many cats just around near our house - I think that we are lucky because that means the cats around us all have good homes. Luckily for the kitties who are near you they can find safe refuge at your place if they need it!

Chika said...

handsome Mr Do... me like it so much... :)

Katnip Lounge said...

Sheesh! Your Mom must have a sign outside that only Cats can see, just like at our house, FREE EATS!
Purrs for Darkie, and here's to no more Cat fights! (as if!)

Ginger Jasper said...

Mr Do is lovely. I am purring for Darkie and the others missing and hope they are safe. Sending love.. Hugs GJ xx

Old Kitty said...

Mr Do is adorable!! Awww he's perfect!! Me and Charlie hope that mum kitty and mr Re are ok!

Hugs to sweet Darkie!!! We hope he gets better!

Take care

meowwmania said...

auwww Mr Do u r so kacak!

smoga Darkie selamat walau di mana berada..

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

Mr Do knows his leaves, doesn't he?! He looks very pleased with himself.