Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Binny 12w 4d waves "Hi"

Gimme a high-five!
Little Binny measures 12w 5d, 6.28cm.

Did my MGTT (Modified Glucose Tolerance Test) at Hospital Selayang yesterday.

Started an hour late due to a broken lab printer. 
Poor nurse had to go sourcing around for a spare one while those waiting were staring at her, hungrily ... yes, there were several hungry, expecting women who have not eaten since 10 pm, night before....

First blood was taken at 9.00 am. Then I was given this Super Sweet, Super Yucky, plain Sugar Water to drink. One mug. I finished mine in record-breaking 5 minutes, some ladies were still struggling!

Off I go and wait for 2 hours before the second blood test.

2 hours ... of waiting, tummy filled with modified glucose. No wonder some women puke.
I lay down horizontally on the waiting chairs and took little naps. It is quite a struggle because no food / drink is allowed until, after the second blood test.
Not so hungry. Blood is probably infused with so much sugar that I felt sleepy.
Consider this as sugar-overload.
Whole thing ended at about 11.15... and off we go for a private NT scan. :)


Hannah and Lucy said...

Hi there Little Binny - we're sending high fives and virtual whiskery kisses to you. Love to Bin.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Old Kitty said...

Wonderful Bin!!! Glad that test is over now! It's lovely to see little Binny too!! Yay!! take care

The Island Cats said...

Aw, look at little Binny!!

Chika said...

Hello litte binny... High 5!!

Misz Pinkie Winkie said...

alhamdulillah..tahniah jugak..comel sgt..jaga dirie k

Blackie Bond said...

Eeeewwww....I think I'd puke if I had to drink that modified glucose. I have very low tolerance for sweet stuff. But, hey, it's worth it, isn't it? Must be so amazing to see little Binny. :)