Thursday, September 06, 2012

Pee Containers : 24-Hours Collection

I share with you, my bloggie friends - The "Pee" Containers!

The plastic one is the old version, while the green-paper type is the new-chic looking one!
I've been subjected to spend my weekend to pee in containers - 24-hours per container, thus the best time to do it is full 24-hrs on Saturday & Sunday respectively, then submit samples to the hospital on Monday morning.

How exciting....

One is to check for 24-hours Urine Protein, the other one is for 24-hours Urine Creatinine.
All this is due to the presence of blood in my urine +3.
Thank goodness, protein was negative but they are checking anyway.

I've been feeling very, very, very tired lately. Sleeping many hours a day.
Very likely caused by drop in hemoglobin count - it is now 9.3.

Hungry but one bite I am already full.
The only thing I long for is Mango.
I love Mango.
I want Mango.

Perhaps Binny inside me shares the same taste for Mango.
I must go find some Mango. 


Hannah and Lucy said...

We hope both containers don't need to be filled to the brim with pee! We are crossing our claws that you give the right results so you don't have to do it again. Have a long sleep and a mango to eat when you wake you.
Take care Bin.
Luv Hannah and Lucy + Sue xx xx xx

Ginger Jasper said...

Good grief thats a lot you have to fill. I so hope that the resultscome back good. That litle one is causing you problems but it will be so worth it in the end.. Hugs GJ xx

m.q said...

congrats!! cant wait for the lil beanie...pursss

BoBo Salem
Meow Meow Family

Old Kitty said...

Beautiful Bin!!! I hope you have many many many mangoes!!! You must keep your strength up and be as happy and healthy as possible!! So eat mangoes! Lots and lots!! LOL! Awwwww so so happy for you and little bonny Binny!! Yay! Take care

Joy E. Saga said...

Sometimes it's the body telling you what you need, so if it's mangoes, then buy all the mangoes u need ... i especially lurve the australian mangoes, the roundish one with hardly any seeds.. and i donno the name of the mango but i absolutely adore it ...

Now u make me wanna eat mango :-)