Wednesday, February 20, 2013

20-Feb-2013 : To go FPP or NOT?

5 More Days to hotel hospital admission day (25/2)

What is FPP?
FPP stands for Full Paying Patient Scheme at selected Government Hospital in Malaysia.
Sort of like a private section, where patient gets to select their own specialist, comes with priority in-patient facilities but do not expect to be treated like a 'diva' in 'real' private hospitals.

Below is the estimated cost, obtained from Hospital Selayang.
The other hospital offering the same scheme is Hospital Putrajaya.

I am posting this because I remember google'ing' like mad for cost estimates.
So hopefully, it will help others who are now google'ing' like mad.
"Estimated Cost of Delivery under FPP in Selayang Hospital"

Am I going for FPP?
Very likely, with much support Aunt LL :)

My only worry is, should there be complications and I'm needed to stay much longer ... the hospital bill will creep-up... and up....
Then again, I've been told that I can exit from FPP, at any time upon settling all outstanding.

Why am I going for FPP?
A specialist will be sure to perform the c-sec and stitch me up after ... without FPP, I may end up with a trainee - I've heard of horror stories.
A little privacy, with a single room - fingers crossed rooms are available upon admission.
And, should Little Binny ends up in NICU - it will be under government rates, not FPP.

Please pray, purr that all will be well, smooth and safe for little Binny and I! :)

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Ginger Jasper said...

I am purring and mum is prayying all will go well. we know it will though and will be thinking of you. Almost mums birthday when you go in. 24th. Hugs GJ xx