Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Connectivity Problem

No .. not with the internet ..
But being a mother to Sophia...
Sometimes, I just couldn't connect to her and ... I feel like one bad mommy.

I love her ... I know I do ..
But sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I can just walk away...
Leave everything and just disappear ..

I must snap out of this crazy thought.
I must.


Old Kitty said...

Oh Bin! :-( You need to talk to someone about this. My friend went through the same stage - post natal depression - seriously and she saw a therapist and it helped. Please don't be alone with this. What you are feeling is clinically and medically recognised. You need to talk this through.

Please take care and love to sweet Sophia.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Bin please talk to your doctor and get him to refer you to a hospital or to a doctor who specialises in this condition so you can get the right medication to make you feel better. You won't be the only new Mum who feels like you do.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx