Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bugger ...

I have yet to tell Boss A about my decision. Procastinating is my worst habit ... until the sky comes falling, then I go look for cover?

Anyway, I woke up this morning, noticed that my loyal, digicam is busted! Must be due to careless keeping of my part. The LCD screen is oh so busted! Another sign from heaven that it is time to go home to repair at Sanyo Malaysia? or to stay longer and pay for my NEW camera instalment? Two ways of looking at things .... half-full or half-empty!

Boss C sent me back yesterday, no matter how harsh he has treated me, I still treat him 'oh so well' - bought him green tea and two cupcakes in the evening for he did not eat at all? Poor thing, he looked so stressed over payroll... whatever, he did ignore me ... and pissed me off?

I saw his car this morning but pretended not to see and walked to the office. It is not that he wants to fetch me anyway ... not obligatory but it is nice if he does it...

Today is 30/08/06, our company last day in this part of Bangkok ..... Oh I will miss ... the memories....

Love you blog blog... I feel better with 10 tablets of steroids. It is effecting my hearing though. I no longer talk, I scream.

One more person I would like to mention Ex-Boss L, he is really very nosy!

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